Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bug-eyed Layla

Layla is the most perfectly beautiful baby girl ever. The video in this post, however, shows her looking a little bug-eyed. You can almost hear her saying, "oooooohhhhh! Aaaaaaaawe!" like someone watching fireworks or a caveman seeing a zippo lighter and fire for the first time... except she's staring at the lamp. That's right. the 60 watt GE bulb in the 8$ lamp from office max is enough to bring out her "amazed" look. It is really something to be a part of so many firsts for her. Everything is brand new and when she has that completely naive, innocent experience of the simple things you and I take for granted... well, that's just magical to watch.

Kendra and Oma Burgess went to Costco as their big outing of the day and Kendra says that random people (especially nice elderly ladies) stop her and talk like they were old friends. You know how friendly Kendra is, but it sounds like it happens so often when she is out that it is hard for them to get the shopping done!

We went to our "life group" meeting tonight and enjoyed getting to know some new people. She was a little nervous to leave Oma at home alone with the twins since they have been a little fussy today, but Oma did a super job as always! It was good for us to get away for a couple of hours.

Kendra will probably not be happy that I posted the following picture because she was in a mellow, tired, TV watching, zoned out mood and this doesn't show her normal smiley self. I think she looks great as always even with her crooked glasses and normal expression... However, this is real life with twins and I thought it was such a sight to see how she was able to feed and calm both babies at once.
Time to go to bed. Happy Friday to you!


aunt joanie said...

It is so fun to check your blog--It's my daily routine...thanks for adding sunshine to my day, just by sharing!!


Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

I think Kendra looks great in that shot! I don't think I looked that good after having just one kid!