Thursday, February 21, 2008

Easton and Layla staredown

Good evening all,

Today was a great day for everyone. I had a good day back at work, Kendra was able to get a nap, Oma Burgess had some good cuddle time with the babies, Easton's temperature is gone so he's back to his normal happy self, and Layla... well, every day seems to be a great day for her. The twins are starting to feed and sleep on a similar schedule and we hope they synch up more and more as time goes by so Kendra can keep her sanity.

This afternoon Kendra put the babies right next to each other to see how they would act. Usually we have them separated into different cribs or beds or pack N' plays or chairs. The result was an intense staring competition, which Layla Rae won apparently. Maybe it wasn't exactly a staring competition, but still a very interesting moment for them to be aware of the other one and looking at each other in the face. Click on the picture to see it full sized.Our church graciously brought us dinner and it was extremely helpful not to worry about cooking and just sit and enjoy. With two babies and three people, only one person ate at a time, but it was still pleasant to have it hot and ready to eat without all the effort. Thank you very much, church family!

During the evening things get calm around the Webb house and you KNOW it's tiring and difficult when even the CATS are worn out. Here is a picture of Sugar (black) and Kobe (grey) in their wiped out state. Notice Sugar is even covering her eyes from the lamp with her paw... :)

One other picture Oma took of when I first came in the door from work. I just had to hold my babies and give them kisses. Layla wasn't thrilled about my scruffy "5 o'clock shadow" being pressed against her perfectly soft skin as a wake up from her nap, but I just couldn't resist.
One last thing for today is a short video clip of Kendra and Oma holding the twins and just hanging out.

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