Monday, February 11, 2008

Kendra's pregnancy progression pics

Good evening friends and family,

Everything is quiet at the Webb house (for now), and we all have smiles on our faces. Mostly because the adults are zomies from sleep deprivation and the twins are fed and content. We are planning the "shifts" for the rest of the night and apparently it's my turn to get a nap! Grandpa Burgess and I hit some golf balls at the local driving range in hopes we can make it out the links sometime this week and not embarrass ourselves. We recieved flowers from our church and my work today and both were very thoughtful. Kendra was excited and surprised when the flower delivery people arrived. Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 9:00 AM we're heading to the twins' first appointment with the pediatrician, just for a normal introduction and checkup. I have MANY quesitons for them!

Each month of pregnancy since her 2nd, I took a picture of Kendra in the same pose, same clothes, same location so we could watch the progress and chronical how her body was changing. She looks incredible all the way from day one to the delivery day and I am greatful she was so healthy and knowledgeable about exercise and eating during her pregnancy. Anyway, here they are! enjoy

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