Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bringing home babies today

Kendra called this morning and the doctor said she and the twins are ready to come home! Grandma Webb stayed the night with Kendra and from what I can tell, it was a special bonding experience for them both. The rest of the grandparents and I got some last minute, uninterrupted sleep. I stayed at Mary and Dave's again and they are both awake this morning getting "picture ready" themselves.

We're finishing up the final touches to prepare the house and putting the car seats in the Pilot. I'll miss the days of Kendra and I spontaneously saying, "the movie at the $2 theater starts in 4 minutes! I think we can make it before the previews." However, that is a tiny sacrifice compared to the free, 24 X 7 entertainment of Layla Rae and Easton Troy.

When we first arrived at the OB Triage, I had stuffed Kendra's personal pillow under my fleece jacket. Kendra is very adventurous, but she wasn't willing to go along with my idea of BOTH of us walking quickly to the front desk and breathing hard as if we were having contractions... I originally planned to keep this in the "private moments" photo gallery, but Kendra said I should go ahead and post it to the blog. Kendra laughs at me often and this captures her cute smile and laugh very well:

OK, time to go bring my family home!

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