Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We can comment too!

I didn't catch on before now, but apparently it is normal and acceptable for me to comment along with you all. Kendra and I are going back through to respond to the comments so far and hopefully it will feel more like two-way communication. :) Feel free to ask any questions or make requests or just to chat in general.

I've been in my fuzzy robe for almost 10 days straight now. I'm starting feel like a retired person! Kendra and I decided to put on normal clothes and clean ourselves up so we can take a few "2 week old" pictures of us and the twins.

Feel free to scroll down to the pictures of our lovely family, but there is a short story that I thought might give you a laugh:

A few months ago I allowed Kendra to give me a military-like haircut... with BEARD trimmers. We went in the backyard and she began shaving off my thick hair with short, rapid runs across my scalp. What happened next can only be described as painful and sit-com worthy...

I said, "ouch that hurts! STOP!" So Kendra turned off the trimmers in mid stroke then quickly jerked the trimmers away from my scalp taking with it a huge chunk of my hair. I should have said, "ouch that hurts! move the trimmers away from my head and THEN turn them off!" After a few apologies from her, I agreed to let her start again. This time she did it slowly and gently. About 30 seconds later we both heard the trimmer motor begin to slow down, down, down... It sputtered a few times and the coughed one final "buzz" before quitting. There i sat in pain; outside, at night in my backyard, with half of my head shaved, and lifeless trimmers. We both broke out in laughter and the results looked like this until the next morning after the batteries charged: It took about 5 months to grow back and to make a short story long, today I went and paid for a hair cut from my usual stylist at the salon for the informal photo shoot we had today. Anyway, here's a great picture of mommy Kendra with her two miracle babies:
And finally, a picture of the 4webbs. Notice how they are both yawning at the same time! It is funny to see how similar they are as twins, yet how different they are as unique, individual, little people.
Kendra and I went out for lunch today so we could have some "alone time". We left Easton and Layla at home with Grandma Burgess, who kindly watched the twins while we were gone. Grandma has been such a blessing with keeping our house in order, cooking meals, and taking care of the babies. After my haircut I stopped by the local day spa where Kendra typically goes and I set up an appointment for Grandma Burgess to get a massage. She is there now having a relaxing time and we'll have dinner ready for her when she gets home for a change. :)

Kendra's cousin Colleen gave us a call today with encouraging words for Kendra. It was good for her to hear about colleen's experiences with her two children from a sympathetic voice. Thanks for the call, Colleen!

Another welcomed call we had today was from our church. They are bringing us dinner for the next 4 days! This will really help us out since we are all three wiped out by the evening and sometimes resort to the old game, "1,2,3... NOT IT!" to determine who must fix dinner. :) We miss attending Christ Life Church, but with newborns and flu season we haven't been and can't get there for a couple of more weeks. I may be able to send Kendra and her Mom this Sunday while I stay home with Layla and Easton... We'll see if I feel confident enough in my ability to manage both at the same time without going insane.

I'll post a couple of more pics from this afternoon when I get a chance later tonight.

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