Friday, February 15, 2008

Coming tomorrow: From Kendra with Love...

If you want to see and read the all of the posts and the entire story of our life from the start of last week, then go here:

Today was rainy and chilly here and unfortunately, we didn't get a single picture taken! We all ran some errands (Ginny bought us a diaper warmer and some clothes that actually fit their tiny bodies) and I spent this evening with Uncle Dave while Mary went out to run some errands of her own. Dave and I had a good time watching westerns and talking about what life could have been like in the US if the south would have won the civil war. :)

I (Bronson) decided to dictate Kendra's words tonight so everyone could hear from the mommy herself, but it didn't go so well since she's tired, but her promise was to put some thought into it and work through a post of her own tomorrow. She's experiencing restless leg syndrome a little bit and needs to stand up and walk around. Her usual remedy would be to talk a warm bath, but the c-section recovery says, "no baths, only showers for 6 weeks". We've decided to try a new strategy for the "night shift" of caring for the twins. Easton will be Grandma and Grandpa Burgess' responsibility and Layla will be cared for Kendra and I. That way each couple can sleep when the baby they care for is sleeping.

begin dictation from Kendra:
I think it's finally hit me this evening that I'll be a parent to these two children and go through their life with them through the pain and the joys. During conversations with Dad tonight about them dating, going out in public, and sending them go to school it was a little overwhelming. I can't think of anything special to say because I'm tired and jittery so i'll have to put some thought into it and do this tomorrow. I've never exposed myself so much in my whole life since becoming a milking machine. Having a child is like having your heart residing in two other bodies. Peace.

end dictation

Ginny is planning to write her own post on our blog at some point, so you can look forward to the words of wisdom from the greatest mother-in-law a guy could ask for. We've all had so much fun over the past week with in-laws and between the parents themselves even.

Catch you tomorrow.

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