Sunday, February 24, 2008

Layla wins an Oscar

Good evening!

I'll try to limit the number of "power to the peanut" pictures (see previous post for explanation) but this one was well timed with how she does the move, like clockwork, after waking up.

Out of shear boredom and an attempt at humor I took this short video clip of Layla's Oscar debut. Not exactly production worthy, but it's a start.

Here's the two of them on their beds this afternoon. It's hard to believe they both have a unique personality and are already showing their individuality, but this picture shows a little snapshot of how they act. Layla snorts to indicate, "i need something" and is quiet the rest of the time. Easton grunts frequently and only cries once in a great while, but when he cries... he shakes the rafters of the house! He has such a pitiful cry and whimper that it makes you really feel bad for the poor little guy. When I look at this picture I'm thinking, "how will I possibly say no to anything either of them ask for?"

Kendra and Oma Burgess went to church and I agreed to stay home with Layla and Easton. They were well behaved and things worked out well for the girls to get away for a little bit. Julie from church brought by a delicious spaghetti meal for lunch and we'll be feasting on that for the next couple of days. Tomorrow will start my first full week back to work and Kendra's first full week of being home without me here during the day! I hope we get some good nights of sleep because we'll need it.

Time to go watch the Oscars... Good night.

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