Monday, February 18, 2008

Power to the peanuts

Greetings all,

We reluctantly let Grandpa Burgess leave for home last night and just for fun we took a "sad" picture so he can view the blog and look at this when he wonders if we miss him. He made it home safely around noon today and we were happy to hear the drive was uneventful. I appreciate how many days he spent with us and how many ways he was a blessing to us and the twins. Seeing his enormous hands so gently holding Layla's tiny head and body was very special.
On the first day the twins came home, Grandpa Burgess quickly noticed that every time Layla Rae woke up and stretched, she would always put her right arm in the air. The motion was very similar to the fist-pumping during the "power to the people" movements from years gone by. As a reference (in jest) to that and her nickname, Peanut, every time she would do this, Grandpa Burgess would exclaim, "Power to the Peanuts!" We tried a few times to capture the moment without much success, but finally did this evening:

Layla had bit of a rough day because we had to take her to the pediatrician for an unscheduled visit. She has what Kendra calls, "Gooky eye". I have no idea what the medical term is for it, but one of her eyes apparently has a clogged tear duct. We went by the pharmacy to get the eye cream to fix it and the doctor said she's doing great and the Gooky eye should be gone in a day or two. While we were there, Layla was weighed and she's up to 5 lbs. 4 oz.! This is really good news because she is gaining weight and growing like she should.

Grandpa Burgess agreed to post his own thoughts to our blog and I just received the contents of what he wants to post through email. I also have a couple of other good pictures from the day and our visitors so I'll post everything together later tonight!

Good night!

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