Monday, February 25, 2008

Exhaustion and exhiliration!

Hello everyone from Oma Burgess!

It is Monday evening around 9:30 p.m. We (well, I took a few pictures but thank goodness I was not in any of them) just finished taking pictures of the whole Webb family. Bronson came up with a great idea and I think they will be adorable!

The three of us have been trying to come up with a system with the twins during the night. We have pretty much tried all possibilities and it seems that one works best. Kendra and Bronson keep Layla with them in their king size bed and I take Easton for the evening with me. He usually goes down around 11:00 or so, eats again around 1 or 2 and again at 5 or 6. When he wakes up to eat II am a a bit jarred as I have not gotten up to feed a baby in 21 years! As I roll over and look at his sweet little face I am again reminded that I have grandchildren and it tickles me so much. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share myself with Bronson, Kendra, Layla and Easton. Kendra told me today that I am amazing as I was in the kitchen doing the dishes etc. I am more than happy to help in any way I can. I want to bless them and make memories during this precious time. I don't think I am amazing, just in love with all 4 of them! I would not trade this time for anything!

These days, when I get up in the morning, I am never sure what day or date it is. I don't really want to know since it means I am getting closer to going back home. Don't get me wrong! I really miss Steve, my boys and my family but to not be able to hold the twins until June or July? Please say that isn't so!

Bronson keeps me in stitches everyday and I am still getting used to how detailed and organized he is. I have learned alot and will work on those skills myself. He is a great dad and works hard everyday. Kendra is a sweet, loving mother who is really tired but hanging in there nursing two babies. I am proud of both of them.

I have enjoyed going for walks everyday with the family. I have been going to the store for all of us and I keep coming home with "extra things" that were not on the list and they are not happy with me but hey, these cuties are my grandchildren! I have been waiting for this for so long! It is now 11:20 p.m. and I am pooped! I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow from Kendra's wonder girl so who knows what kind of a hair cut I will come home with! I think I want something sassy, well, as sassy as a 51 year old can get!

Oma Burgess

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