Friday, February 15, 2008

It's my turn now!

Good evening or should I say early morning! It is now Saturday early am, around midnight. Everyone is in bed now and I just finished the dishes. I am thrilled to be here to witness not only the birth of my first grandchildren but all that goes with that when they come home!

I am definitely not as clever as Bronson, or whom I like to refer to as Mr. Mom but I am excited about adding my thoughts on this wonderful blog. They are probably only worth two cents but here goes!

I have been looking forward to the birth of these two since the moment we found out Kendra was pregnant. People have been telling me how wonderful it is to be a grandparent and I knew it would be true but trying to describe how I feel is difficult. Some women don't want to be a grandmother as they say it makes them feel old. I say bring it on baby! I am thrilled to hold this new title!

Watching Kendra become a mother is one of my greatest joys with the exception of the birth of all 3 of my children. She has always been a natural and it shows with the twins! :) She was spectacular during her pregnancy and even now she glows and looks terrific. I always tell people that yes, she is beautiful but most important, she is beautiful on the inside!
Bronson LOVES his wife and these two precious gifts and I am so proud of him. He watches over Kendra and helps do everything. Changing diapers, feeding, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. He makes me laugh and has the greatest sense of humor. I got up early this morning around 5:30 to find him changing Easton wearing his special flashlight that he puts around his head (kind of like a miner might wear) with a stretch band. If I wasn't so tired at the time I would've laughed forever but I did not want him to be distracted from the work at hand so I just acted like every Dad wears a flashlight on his head while changing their son! To see the joy in his eyes, to hear him speak and sing to his children is a memory that I will hold in my heart forever. He is special and I am grateful that God sent Him into our lives.
He wants to do what is the best for all 4 of them and I have no doubt he will. I am also very jealous of his writing skills but hey, I can learn!! Bronson, flashlights off to you!!

Life goes in cycles and this time of my life is no exception. You want to get married, then have children and watch them go through life. As a parent you have this deep desire for their life to be full of only happiness and great highs. I know, I know!! It sounds sappy and like a B Hollywood movie but hey, that is what we Mom's want. It would be redundant to tell you that life does not usually turn out as easy as we dreamt it should. But I have learned (finally) to ride the roller coaster of everything that this crazy life brings and actually rest and enjoy it! I am grateful that right now this is one of those happy, joyous times. :)
That doesn't mean that I love the struggles or hard times but it forces me to go back to the most important basic foundations in my life. Jesus loves me and all those I love, He has wonderful plans for us and He uses everything to make me more like Him. He is light and there is no darkness in Him, period! It doesn't matter if my life is perfect or imperfect, He is there with unconditional love. I can trust Him!!!! I cannot begin to tell you the peace that brings to my heart and soul. You are probably asking yourself why I am talking about Jesus but I cannot help
it. He is the author of life and seeing Layla and Easton reveals it even more.

The love of my life has to go home on Sunday and man I am going to miss him something fierce.
Not only will I miss him but Kendra, Bronson, Easton and Layla will to.
He has the touch with the twins in all areas! Kendra says that he needs to bottle up his special smell so that she can use it when he goes home. He also has the burping thing down perfectly and we are all jealous!

I am tired so I am going to bed. I am praying that Layla and Easton will remember my face, voice, smell etc. after I leave to go home on March 8th. Kendra and I have already decided to cry and fuss on March 7th so that the 8th will be a happy day! (I'll probably have to fake it but I'll try) I don't know if I can wait until June to see them again but unless Grandpa's pushup tester takes off even more than it has I may have to wait! :(

Connie, I can't wait to see you again! I know they are looking forward to you coming to stay with them. You will not believe how fast they are changing! I am so grateful that you, Phil and the whole Webb and Brown clan love Kendra the way you do. It is truly a blessing to Steve and I.

Thanks for reading my posting. I enjoyed adding a little something from the grandparents perspective.

Ginny aka grandma, Oma, (that is South African for grandmother) or whatever they want to call me

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