Sunday, February 17, 2008

Layla's wake up

Good morning everyone,

It's a beautiful 70 degree sunny day here so we put on our short pants and are going to the park to lie out on a blanket. Here's a short video clip of Layla Rae waking up this morning while Grandpa Burgess and I were on dawn patrol:

The sleeping issues appear to have been short-lived and last night was two in a row where no one had to be up all night long. Hopefully Easton and Layla will continue to sleep for at least a few hours in a row each day and night from now on. Kendra is still recovering well and only has two more days of restrictions before she can go for walks. We went last night again to Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave's for a walk with the wheelchair:
We ended up staying for dinner and uncle Dave joined us at the table! It's been a long time and was a great surprise to have him eat with us. Mary's sweet potatoes must have lured him into the kitchen. Yum. It turned out to be a very pleasant evening. However, we're all sad that Grandpa Burgess is driving back home tonight, so it was bitter sweet to share our last evening with him around.

catch you later after the park

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