Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is getting interesting now...

Nana and Papa Webb flew home to Missouri safely and their absence in help and company is already noticeable. We are managing fine with Grandma and Grandpa Burgess, but Kendra's wearing down quickly and I'm still learning the difference between a receiving blanket and a burp cloth! I remember Papa sending me to the tool box for a crescent wrench and returning with wire cutters. Yeah, it's kind of like that right now. What I've learned today is, there is SO MUCH I don't know about babies. However, when we watch the TV show "Jon and Kate plus 8", it really makes me believe, "if they can do it with 8, then twins is EASY!"

Kendra slept the afternoon away and we stared at the twins as they slept for about 3 hours:

It's amazing how fulfilling it is to just watch and stare. I'm jealous at how peaceful and innocent they are. If I could only sleep THAT soundly... Easton Troy is eating like a champ and Layla Rae is still not putting enough effort into it so we're supplementing with formula, but she's on her way and doing better every day.

After Grandma Burgess cooked a yummy home-made chicken dinner, our good friends Judson and Heidi graciously came by to say "hello" on their way to date night and sushi (I'm extremely jealous and my mouth waters at the thought of Yellowtail Tuna Sashimi). Heidi's parents are in town now and they are taking advantage of the extra help at home (note to self: take date night whenever anyone is willing to take care of the kids).

As for the final thoughts of the first day at home: Everyone who has kids said the same thing to me when I tell them We're having twins. They say, "Oh wow, your life is going to CHANGE!" I understood (kind of) what they meant, but it's not really getting to the heart of the matter. Yes, we now have these two babies to take with us on our adventures to the grocery store and mall and walks. AND I know my time will be taken up with all of the day-to-day chores and caring. However, what people didn't say and what is MORE pertinent is this: I change, not just my "life change". Who I am, what is important to me, my role as the head of the house, how I prioritize my time; All of these core values that make me who I am as a person. that's what changes, if you are making the transition into parenthood correctly. As someone wise once said: "Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become". Trust me, I'm a expert psychologist of parenting now that I have 3 full days of on-the-job training under my belt. just kidding...

Quotes of the day:
"If you always expect the worst you will never be disappointed"
"The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it"


Dustin & Michaela said...

Michaela and I just wanted to tell you how much fun we've had following along on your "adventure". You've actually inspired us to do something similar as our baby nears his arrival date.

Congratulations again and best of luck to your whole family. We'll continue to follow along and thanks for letting us share the ride!

Love from Dustin and Michaela

Rob Miller said...

Bronson, I like the way you talked about the change happening in your life right now. I noticed it very quickly as well. It is hard to really understand how your priorities change after becoming a parent. You also find that while you still loving doing the things you did prior to becoming a parent, you now how things you like to do even more.