Thursday, February 28, 2008

More aware, more fun

Good afternoon everyone,

Layla and Easton are changing every day and becoming more aware of their surroundings and people. Yes, i know they are "growing" every day, but I mean there are noticeable changes to so many aspects of them. I thought it would be more like noticeable changes every week or month, but it is so bizarre to notice every single day new things about them. Easton started making odd sighing noises yesterday. I sat him down in the chair while I worked and he was signing as if to say, "I’m bored, pick me up!" It's not much in the grand scheme of things, but it is progress and that is the most we can hope for. Layla is becoming more aware of her surrounding every day and she smiled really big at Kendra. She smiled before, but it was usually just an expression that meant she was uncomfortable and didn't know how else to show it.

Prior to this week the twins were fairly still and fairly quiet. They didn't move around or make much noise probably because in the womb they didn't HAVE any room and making noise was not an option... but now it's getting louder in the house when they are awake and the twins roll around wherever we put them down. At least they stay where we laid them down, but i'm not sure how long that will last?

I did take a cute video of Layla being very awake showing her big, grey eyes and will upload that this evening. Oma Burgess has decided not to have any pictures of her on the blog until she is able to surprise Opa with her new hair cut, but that is a lot of days for her NOT to have pictures on the blog. maybe I'll get her to show it to Opa through Skype so I can include pictures of her.

My expectations of when things happen were completely off. I need to read Kendra's book, "what to expect during the first year" because I’m surprised every day. For example, did you know some boys aren't potty trained until THREE years old. That hit me like a ton of bricks to think I'll be changing diapers for three years. :) And on the other hand, Kendra says that the twins will be crawling around in only a few months. I know they won't stay where I put them anymore, but it will be much more engaging to play with the twins once they are able to move around. Also, babies aren't supposed to be in the sun until they are a few months old. didn't know that one either, but I'm learning! Not exactly a profound or well illustrated post to our blog, but just wanted to share!

Kendra, Oma, and the twins went to Costco to get some staple items and have a chance to be out of the house for a bit. It's hard to get out of that place for under $200 because there are always things we didn't know we couldn't live without until we saw it! Kendra is really good about spending/saving so I'm not worried. That's one of the many reasons I married her!

I'm better get back to work for the afternoon and will catch up here later tonight.

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