Sunday, February 17, 2008

Did you know ducks like Oreos?

Good evening!

We had a full day of growing babies and enjoying time together. Easton and Layla are eating like champs and everything else seems to fall in line when that is going well.

I couldn't find a place to golf today for under $75 a person since we waited until this morning to decide to try and go. Instead we opted for a day in the park, which is free. Free is becoming more and more attractive as the costs of babies continues to increase, but those are the sacrifices we happily make. We packed up the Pilot and drove 2 minutes across the street to the enormous park, which was almost vacant.

Grandpa Burgess and I had a great time playing frisbee and did our best to impress the women without much success. I ended up with a blister on my "mamas-boy" hands and he did something painful to his hip flexor. :)
Then I fed our extra pretzels to the ducks in the pond. They kept on flocking and quacking so when the pretzels were gone I resorted to tossing my non-creamy side of the Oreos (I find these completely useless when twisted off) to the ducks and they loved them! Yes I know that probably is really unhealthy and wrong, but it was fun to watch Layla and Easton take in all the new sights and sounds; Things you and I take for granted like airplanes flying overhead, dogs barking in the backyards, and water running through the fountain in the pond.
After that we came home and allowed the evening pass by with the Daytona 500, NCAA basketball, and BBQ chicken from the grill. Grandpa Burgess agreed to think through his own blog posting during the 12 HOUR drive home. It will be an honor to have the great Mr. Burgess post some time in the next couple of days to our blog.

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement through the phone calls, comments on the blog, and emails. It's been a eye-popping ride so far and I'm really glad to have shared it with so many people in our lives who care for and love us.

Good night to all and we'll see you tomorrow!

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