Monday, February 25, 2008

Super Mommy Picture

Greetings friends and family,

I want to share this photo with you because I’m proud of myself for creating it. I’m also proud of Kendra and the twins for cooperating with my hair-brained attempt at a photo shoot. They knew we were all in for a long night when I came home from the gym and said, “I’ve got a GREAT idea for a picture!” Our friends, Judson and Heidi, sent two really special blankets in the mail today and Kendra was so excited when she opened the box. They are embroidered with each twins name and the date of their birth. I'm grateful the blankets were pink and blue because I'm obsessed with everything related to the twins being pink and blue. SO, I came up with two pictures I wanted to create and here are the results:

Kendra is doing an awesome job of keeping Easton and Layla cared for as well as herself. She is SUPER-MOMMY in my opinion. Sometimes I think there is TWO of her around. That's the only way explanation I can come up with for how she keeps order in the house. I spent most of the evening tonight photo-shopping the heck out of this, so I hope you appreciate the humor, art, effort, etc. Be sure to click on the photo to see the full-sized image. You might even notice that I edited her eye color (pink and blue) for each baby. And this one is kind of how I imaged (a long time ago) how babies arrive. I folded the blankets to look like envelopes and will title this one: “Express delivery of double miracles” OK, enough of the artsy stuff. When I was home for lunch today Kendra felt a little sick to her stomach (she’s much better now) and I was handed both babies at once since Oma Burgess was out running errands. Layla wiggled her way into the middle of the pillow-thingy and Easton soon followed as I tried in vain to get them resituated. Kendra appreciated my efforts, but still laughed at me when she came back into the room and thought it was picture worthy.
We’re heading to the pediatrician tomorrow for the weekly checkup and hope all goes well. Layla and Easton are both eating like offensive linemen, which is good for them and hard for Kendra. Each day they are more aware of things around them as their eyes increase the depth of view and they see further away. They finally are starting to take advantage of the “elbow room” outside of Kendra’s belly. Their legs kick around and arms flail randomly as they lay around. I spent 8 months thinking about all of the things I’ll teach them and tell them. However, when I hold one of them and they stare at me as if to say, “well? Start teaching me!” I freeze up and can’t figure out what to say. Which subject do I start with? Spanish? Math? History? Or do I go straight to self-defense techniques or proper grip for a golf club? So much to learn…

We're going to bed now. See you tomorrow!

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