Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's a faux-hawk?

Greetings friends and family,

Lately I've seen a growing trend of toddler boys with a faux-hawk. I don't know if it is a 2009 fad already seen as uncool or if it will gain the notoriety and respect of a mullet. Either way, it's hard to get used to seeing kids (and even grown men) sporting a fauxhawk. I think it is entirely David Beckham's fault the hair style even exists. Kendra used water and shampoo to see what Easton would look like with one.

I think it works for him and we may even give it a try as his next hair cut. Guess we'll see what kind of silly mood Mommy is in whenever that day arrives.

Layla's hair is getting so long now she could easily pull off the punk rocker look although the resemblance to Alfalfa is uncanny from this angle.

Certainly doesn't do her princess characters any favors. We'll stick with pigtails and pony tails for her.

Layla is getting brave with her new floaties and jumps from the side with a little assistance from Mommy.

Here's my two favorite girls doing the only logical thing possible in 111 degree temperatures... swimming, and more swimming!

Daddy's new toy at home is a vertical 24" LCD monitor. It allows me to see 120 pictures at a time, which is useful for sorting through pics to use on the blog.

Before you judge me as consumeristic and materialistic... work paid for it. This monitor is technically for my "home office", which honestly gets used for work every evening and weekend in addition to my other many uses for the computer. I'm spoiled to have this much computing real estate, but I promise it is being used well. No more scrolling on websites either, by the way.

Also, just an FYI... Please don't mention Taco Bell in my presence for at least the rest of this year. My late night run for the border cost me $5.84 and an entire day off work as I regretted my decision to eat there and prayed a lot.

Enough about me, back to the adventures with twins... Easton and Layla are learning vocabulary and sentence structure before they learn social interactions with strangers or volume control. That leads to situations such as Easton turning to the 7 year old kid in the booth next to us at dinner and saying (loudly), "Hey boy! What are you doing here? Hey... BOY!" The poor kid was so shocked by Easton's friendliness and bold voice he didn't even respond. I knew the correct response was to praise him for being so friendly. I'll let the boy's father deal with his self-esteem issues from Easton's aggressive comments. :)

Also, Layla sang me the extended version of "Happy Birthday" at the restaurant. The ladies across the way clapped for me and then wished me a Happy Birthday on the way out the door. There is no way I would stop Layla from singing me a song no matter what it is or where. And i didn't have the heart to tell the ladies today is not my birthday. Sometimes it's better just to go with it.

I sent Kendra an email from work today and she told me it was romantical. I wrote: I’m listening to the obnoxiously loud lady a few isles over. Her laugh is so hideously annoying it makes me want to puncture my ear drums. Instead I’ll just turn up the music in my head phones even louder and think about how lucky I am to have a wife with a pleasant laugh. I love to hear you laugh. It’s one of the things I noticed when we went on our first date.

I'm still learning how it's the little things that count the most.

See you soon!

Monday, June 28, 2010

boxes and daredevils and pigtails

Hola friends and family,

Welcome back to our exciting world of parenting twins. Take comfort knowing this is a puke-free post. Be not afraid for everyone is healthy in the Casa de Webb. After a normal work day today I sped home attempting to outrun the dust storm as it overwhelmed the sky in my rearview mirror and then through the sunroof. By the time I stepped out of my car at home the wind and dust was so prevalent it felt like I was inide a Hoover vacuum. We battened down the hatches and stayed inside the rest of the night. The temperature was still well over 100 at 11:00 PM tonight so it's not like we would have walked to the mailbox even if the sky was clear and calm. Those days of regular strolls to the green belt are over for a few months.

So what's a dad to do with two monkeys and a mommy who needs a break? Uhhhh... How about we play with this BOX container thingy?

Kids are so humorous and easy going. Easton and Layla said, "OK, pull me around the room, daddy!" What started as a way to entertain them ended up as a physical workout for me as I drug each one across the carpet making race car engine noises. Layla was extremely proud of herself for sharing and she gave Easton a big kiss on top of his head, which he didn't mind.

Actually, Easton didn't really pay much attention to her because he was so excited to go for his turn around the carpet.

After I wore a path across the living room from pulling them around they thought it would be fun to jump off Mommy's aerobic steps over the cars and airplanes. Ohhhhhh, the danger and suspense! You'd think they were jumping a motorcycle through flames with how excited they were.

Earlier in the day Kendra took the twins into the library for toddler time and book check out. I'm sad to report Layla didn't make it through the short event due to a melt-down and Kendra had to straighten up her attitude in the restroom. Discipline would be difficult for me when she is singing with these extra cute pigtails in her hair.

Last weekend I made it out to the trails for a sunrise ride with Judson. If a therapist ever asks me to close my eyes and think about my "happy place", this picture describes the exact spot and the exact situation which will come to mind.

If only I had $4.8 Million, I would retire and ride mountain bikes every morning before the twins wake up and then play with boxes all day in the summer. Hey! A boy can dream can't I?

I also dream of the day when Easton and Layla are potty trained, but for now I have to show enthusiasm every time they use the potty. That's getting really old and my uncompassionate side wants to say, "Oh come on, just GO in the potty already!" but of course, I refrain and save my snide remarks for the blog where no one judges me and the twins aren't affected by the unsavory thoughts that pop into my mind from time to time.

Next week marks two-and-a-half years for the twins. They are outstanding toddlers for their age and I couldn't be more proud of them and Kendra for how she is raising them. I wish time would slow down just a bit so this stage of life for the twins would last a bit longer. Yeah, I know... enjoy it while it lasts. :)

See you soon!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toy Story story

Greetings friends and family,

After hearing about Cousin Landon's successful cinematic experience with Toy Story 3 we decided to give it a try ourselves. Thanks for trail blazing, Dustin! You can see the uncertainty in their expressions prior to entering the theater.

Keeping them entertained with the terribly drab previews and commercials proved to be the biggest challenge. Once the movie started they sat quietly in their seats with the occasional request for comfort in the form of hand holding or just some soothing words that everything was going to be ok.

The best decision we made was to arrive early and sit in the row of chairs with nothing but a rail directly in front of us. Easton was barely tall enough even with the booster seat to see over the railing, but it was better than sitting behind some big guy with a hat with no chance to see over him. Also, Layla (little miss energetic) stood part of the time while hanging onto the railing. She even sat for a while with her arms proped up and chin on the middle rail.

They were both at their limit of sitting still before the closing credits even rolled. If the movie was 5 minutes longer I would have been out in the lobby chasing them around. We stopped for an official picture with the poster in case there is ever a question of what was their first movie-going experience.

The picture above is also the last picture of Easton and Kendra before they got food poising from the Chipolte poison burrito. The two of them shared a meal while Layla and I shared a separate meal. 4 hours later after nap time Easton gave me the most disgusting experience of my life as he yaked with his head resting on my shoulder. It felt like someone dropped a water balloon filled with warm oatmeal on my back.

You never know how you will react in situations like that until it happens and I must say I am very proud of myself. I didn't toss Easton or hold him away from me or scream like a little girl. All of those thoughts crossed my mind. However, I kept Easton close to me and more importunately, I kept my composure so he didn't freak out. I called out to Kendra with a shaky desperate voice and went straight to the shower. The two of us took a mid-day shower and it took everything in my being to keep from throwing up. Seriously... disturbing.

The gross factor was shocking because the twins have been very healthy compared to other kids based on the stories I hear and as a result we haven't experienced the throw up thing much at all considering they are 2 1/2 years old.

Anyways, everything is back to normal with the 4 Webbs except occasionally Easton says (with a sorrowful voice), "I puked on the floor". I don't have the heart to correct him, but I want to say, "No, you puked on daddy..." Needless to say he spent most of the past 24 hours in his diaper because we don't want to throw away any more of his clothes.

Easton hit a new level of cabin-fever-induced boredom today as he loaded up Layla's dolly and stroller with his own toys and pushed it around the house. The baby sure looks happy and Easton is visibly healthier!

Once the sun dropped below the horizon and the temperature fell ALLLLL the way down to 100, I took the twins out to the driveway for some water fun. I turned on the hose and umpired the sharing.

I did my best to just put them in the situation as a scientific experiment and let them figure out what to do and how to play together. I was pleasantly surprised with their sharing and kind-hearted consideration for each other.

Kendra pointed out the harvest moon so I took some time playing with my Canon S90 and this is as good as I could capture the scene. Not exactly Ansel Adams, but the beauty of the moonlight over palm trees is something we Arizonans take for granted all too easily.

See you soon!

Car wash

Riding through the car wash with Layla and as the attendant lightly sprayed her window she cried a little. After I comforted her and held her hand she calmed down enough to say, " whew! That was close! I was really brave.".

What a bonding moment, huh?

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

milk shake

Howdy folks,

Welcome back to the 4 Webb's blog. We are gearing up for our next big adventure in a couple of weeks: swimming in the ocean with Oma and Opa followed by a visit to Sacramento to spend time with friends and family there as well as experience the cool evening temperatures courtesy of the delta breeze.

The twins have their own separate way of interpreting almost everything in life. I use the miniature megaphone to announce my presence when playing hide and seek. Layla turned it around backwards and I have no idea what she was using it for other than just being silly.

Easton used it as a non-functional telescope, but I give him high marks for creativity. He giggled and snorted as he walked around the room looking at Layla and I.

No one in the Casa de Webb is getting more of a lesson in sharing than me. It started as Daddy's shake ended up as Easton and Daddy laughing through the brain freeze. I'm not sure why both bit the straw and shook it like a dog.

Then Layla asked to join in so I gladly accepted because although all things are not equal or fair, I want them to feel equally important in Daddy's eyes.

Easton wanted more, which left dear ole' dad spectating as the shake quickly disappeared.

I was left with backwash (yuck) and a deep sense of pride knowing my sacrifice means the twins eat more and grow more. I reveled in the moment watching them be excited to receive such a treat. I took the opportunity to teach them sharing by example. The "do as I say and not as I do" method doesn't work based on my experience.

On a side note: Easton put together a sentence with 10 words yesterday. I don't normally sit around counting their words. However, his sentence was so well said and polished I counted it out and congratulated him on verbalizing his thoughts so well. That being said, a few minutes later when Layla touched his train he just screamed at the top of his lungs, pushed out his bottom lip, and cried. Not exactly a model of communication, but the consistency of expressing himself properly is firmly on the right track. Can't ask for more than that, right?

See you soon!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The True Fan

Hi Friends and Family,

We just found out our neighbors across the street are expecting twins. Sure is interesting being on this side of the glass looking in regarding pregnancy and birth and caring for two babies. It's an odd feeling to be excited and happy for them, but at the same time thinking (you have no idea of the effort required for what you're about to experience).

I know, every parent thinks their child is the best looking, most well-behaved kid(s) in the world. I'm no exception to that rule although unlike most dads people make a special effort to tell me how pretty and well-behaved Easton and Layla are. I could stare at this picture of Layla for hours and never get tired of looking at her.

Running around the green belt playing is even better than looking at her picture! She has an extremely strong core and chases me down like a cheetah attacking a gazelle... while holding an Ariel doll in her hand. :)

Easton is doing great to keep up with Layla on physical challenges involving balance and climbing hills and such. However, he is leading the way with his imagination and intelligence. He flies his Space Shuttle everywhere we go and never gets tired of zooming it around (complete with sound effects).

We took the Mother's Day balloons with us to the greenbelt several weeks ago to let them go up, up in the sky. A clip was removed from each balloon so it wouldn't hold it down. Easton's clip was lost and ended up getting shredded by the lawn mower. Easton found a small shard of his clip and quickly identified the little piece of plastic as "the blue clip from my balloon".

I am impressed he remembered the balloons and how he re-enacted the release of them. He's got a great memory, perfect eye sight, and excellent hearing. I'm jealous of that 2 year old boy of mine already...

He waits patiently by the wall of the greenbelt for me to lift him up over my head so he can see the train resting on the other side. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "giddy as a school boy", right? Well, here is what that looks like pictorially.

And here's one final picture of our evening at the mailbox. Easton and Layla both smiling, looking at the camera (sort of), and in the same proximity.

And now for my final Laker's gloating session for the 2009/2010 NBA champions... This is NOT indoctrination (Thou doth protest too much). It is a fundamental right I'm exercising as a parent to teach Easton about how to be a fan and how to pick a winner. Not how to be a band wagon jumping, fairweather-Johnson either! This first picture was taken during the series where the Lakers lost to the Celtics (boooooo).

And then there is last year's championship over the Orlando Magic (hooray! Easton's first taste of what it takes to be a champ).

And finally, the most recent beat-down of the Celtics for the Kobe's 5th title with the Lakers. I don't have many traditions, but this being the 3rd annual Laker's uniform picture with Easton definitely constitutes a tradition. It's hard to imagine he will fit in that jersey someday.

Ignoring the jersey and basketball all together, it is phenomenal to see Easton grow year to year. I am so very grateful for the health and growth of Easton and Layla. They truly are a blessing for Kendra and I. We are excited to take our trip to the beach and have them play in the ocean for the first time. Kendra and I enjoy the beach incredibly and it will be difficult to pass on that passion as we live in the middle of the desert.

Where there's a will there is a way.

See you soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Hey friends and family,

Happy Father's day to all of the dads including myself. We celebrated my big day today instead of tomorrow just because it worked out that way. I'll recap the adventures of the day, but really the ending was the highlight. Here's the picture and I'll get to the stories towards the end if you're interested in the background.

This morning I woke up with the babies and let Kendra sleep in. Saturday morning is the only possible day she gets a chance to do that each week due to my work and church on the other 6 days of the week. I threw a couple of muffins and some blackberries at the hungry tigers before getting them dressed and lathered up in sun screen for the day. After 40 minutes or so of shushing them and saying, "OK, let's go!" I finally corralled them out the door and into the Chariot.

We played in the park for about an hour including Easton flying his Space Shuttle Columbia all around the park complete with his own sound track of rockets.

After wearing me out (they were still tightly wound like a spring) we rode over to Aunt Mary's house to say hello and eat a snack.

The twins still fit very comfortably into the Chariot and I doubt they will outgrow it any time soon. Buying it is one of the best purchases we made after they were born. I know people like to call this type of expense an "investment", but it is not. An investment makes you money and I promise, although the Chariot is maintenance free and we've had no issues, it has earned zero dollars over the past 2 years.

Even though we played outside early, Arizona summers heat up really quick. We slogged our way home and jumped straight into the pool for 45 minutes of paddling around and arguing over who gets to hold the Ariel princess water toy. When I could tell they were fully water-logged and pruned we went inside for some relaxation and a few minutes of watching Little Einsteins.

Nap time consumed most of the early afternoon for Easton and Layla and us as well. Then we headed out for an early dinner as my Father's Day treat. I chose Jason's Deli because it is kid friendly and Kendra could find something tolerable for her diet requirements. Not exactly a selfish trip to sushi as I hoped, but since I went just last week with Big Time, I was more than happy to eat at Jason's Deli for the good of the 4 Webbs. We're in this together as a family!

We intended to find Easton a pair of fireman boots so he would stop trying to wear Layla's princess high heels, but struck out at Toys R' Us for that. I'm forced to go online to find his size of fireman boots and outfit as well as a superman cape. Anyway, we found Easton a Buzz LightYear outfit and Layla a set of princess fairy wings.

On the way home from dinner we stopped by Aunt Mary's house again to help straighten out what A/V equipment is necessary from the pile of black boxes Uncle Dave built up over the past few decades. As we walked to the door I took the opportunity to take this picture of the two loveliest girls in my life.

We arrived home and Easton was bouncing off the walls while waiting to put on his new costume. He went to our full-length bathroom mirror several times to see himself as a Space Ranger and he sure was proud!

I'm getting up at 5:00 AM to go for a mountain bike ride before church. If I go after church I'll sizzle like a piece of bacon out there on the trail.

Enjoy the weekend and stop by again soon!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

high heels

Hi friends and family,

Even at 2 years and 4 months old the twins are still sensational super-stars in public. Just the other day Kendra sweet talked a department store salesman into giving us 40% off the purchase price of our bed sheets. The salesman found (wink, wink) a coupon behind the desk and gave it to us. I know Kendra's charm and friendly nature had a lot to do with it, but seeing Easton and Layla entertain the sales people and everyone else in line that day certainly helped. Stuff like that happens all of the time.

I look at older kids (some who are twins) and notice at some point they lose their "cuteness" and become just kids. Honestly, I expected that to occur way before now for Easton and Layla, but having never raised a child before I am clueless. They will always be special to me. My view of them has nothing to do with how others view them. I just find child development intensely interesting especially as I am living in the moment day by day experiencing it with Easton and Layla.

The whirlwind summer '10 Oma tour has come to a close. Her departure was a sad time for all 4 Webbs. Thanks, Oma, for the great visit and sharing yourself with us. I meant it when I said, "we should buy a huge house and all move in together!" If only that were possible... We'll take what we can get of our time together. We're already looking forward to seeing you and Opa in 3 weeks! let the countdown begin... again.

Speaking of houses... I wish my next house would have a man-cave. a room dedicated only to sports equipment, the entertain center, and masculine decor. I'm not even sure it is proper to have the words "masculine" and "decor" in the same sentence, but you know what I mean. I have no expectation of this becoming reality, but a boy can dream, right?

Back to Oma's visit. We all did a very poor job of taking pictures over the past several days and if I had any regret about her visit, that is it. We were all so involved and actively engaged the whole time that stopping to take pictures didn't cross our mind often enough. I ended up with one lonely picture of our beautiful Layla.

You may notice she has a princess tutu, princess purse, princess bow, and princess shoes. Those are over-sized high-heel princess shoes by the way. Even so, Layla walks, runs, and plays in the heels as if she is wearing her most comfortable sneakers.

I know there are TV news stories berating parents for allowing kids to wear high heels. Relax! It's not like Layla will develop corns, calluses, hammertoes, arthritis, chronic knee pain, and back problems from just wearing her special high heels around once in a while.

On the flip side, there may be a modeling career in Layla's future:

The Lakers won the 2010 championship (cheering and party horns) and I will get a picture tomorrow of Easton in my Kobe Bryant jersey for the 3rd year running! We don't have many traditions at the 4 Webb's house, but that is turning into one.

See you soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sushi and Lowe's

Greetings friends and family,

Sometime in the past few weeks we made the leap towards more individual time with Easton and Layla. Until recently they were always (and I mean always) treated as a package deal when one of us considered going somewhere. We rarely, if ever, took only one of the twins out of the house. The change may have something to do with Oma adding in a “third man” to the defensive rotation, which gives us a little more freedom. Kendra took Layla to the library alone for story time and perusing of the books.

When my turn for one-on-one time with Easton came around we went out for his first sushi! This is a picture of a live scallop. No, he didn't eat it...

Easton poked around on it to explore the hard jagged-edged creature. Then the sushi chef cracked it open and carefully packaged it on my plate displaying the delicacy of unmatched quality. Doesn't get any fresher than that! Yummy.

Easton ate chicken teriyaki, imitation crab meat, cooked shrimp, and sweet egg omelet. Not exactly daring and adventurous, but he did great for his first time at a sushi restaurant. He was well mannered and fairly clean considering I forgot his bib in the car. The most exciting part of the sushi experience for him was staring at the Nemo fish in the display aquarium. I couldn’t resist chanting, “shark bait oo haha! Shark bait oo haha!”

My trip to Lowe’s this afternoon proved they have something for everyone. Layla galloped towards the key duplication machine narrowly focused on following the Lowe’s assistant. Then we passed an end cap display with pink crates donning Disney princesses.

She screeched to a halt as if her legs were equipped with ABS. She shifted her gaze towards me, speechless. I could tell she was doing her best to figure out what words she could say which would result in her holding a princess crate. I squatted down next to her to help her along saying, “just say please and ask nicely.” The light went on and she quickly blurted out a shortened form of the word, “please” followed by a huge smile and a face full of anticipation. She could barely get her arms stretched wide enough to hold it, but she carried that thing across Lowe’s and out to the car.

As often as possible over the weekend I spent time with the twins to give Kendra and Oma breaks as well as mother daughter time together. On Sunday I towed them in the Chariot to the neighborhood park for an early morning energy burn while the temperature was still relatively cool. They swung around like monkeys as usual.

Easton is beginning to find his “inner leader” by blazing his own trails around the park instead of following Layla everywhere. He told me to come up the steps and follow him across the bridge because the dragon is coming.

One night last week as the twins were in bed Oma volunteered to tell them a bed-time story involving princesses and Prince Charming. Ever since then Easton and Layla constantly ask for stories. Their imaginations are coming alive at an explosive rate. They pretend and make up stories, but also listen intently to anyone willing to share.

I’m still in denial of Oma’s impending departure on Wednesday. I’ve done everything possible to bribe her into staying longer including offering cold hard cash. No such luck though… She understandably misses Opa and there’s nothing the 4 Webbs can offer to compete with that. I’m not overly distraught because we will visit them in Cali next month as we escape the heat and take advantage of my flexible work situation.

Oma went to church with us on Sunday and as you can see she had her hands full. There was so much going on around them it was difficult to grasp their attention at the same time, but it still turned out well in my opinion.

We'll make the most of Oma's last two days here with us and hopefully catch some of it in photos along the way.

See you soon!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Tomatoes

Greetings friends and family,

I took off work Friday so these two days have been a blur of family time and fun. Oma is cooking and cleaning like a Tasmanian Devil. Although I'm really glad Kendra and I get a break from keeping up with the daily chores, I hope we're not wearing her out too much. Her random acts of cleaning combine with bouncing around with the twins all day resulting in a very tired Oma.

We took a break from the day to day cooking routine and went to Sweet Tomatoes. What an odd place that is... The food is great though and it's a kid friendly place. By "kid friendly" I mean the ambiance is so egregiously loud that the screams of our toddlers fit right in. As opposed to many other places where one good laugh and giggle would cause everyone in the restaurant to shoot a stare of disapproval in our direction.

Moments like these where Oma is tickling Easton made the outing fun for everyone.

I'm not certain what kind of a face Layla was making here, but I believe it was something related to drinking apple juice too quickly from the oversized straw in the kid sized cup. Both of them look extra cute though!

Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture with both of them. I waited until after cleaning off the beet juice and salad dressing to make sure everyone's smile was just perfect.

Taking them out in public is becoming easier and easier. From the age of 12 months to 24 months we avoided restaurants as much as possible because the experience was about 1% more worthwhile than the hassle of it all.

There is a regular downtime during the day and lately the twins go back and forth between Cinderella and the Space Shuttle movie. We own many different titles, but for some reason they keep coming back to those two. The hats are a nice costume addition to keep them entertained during the slow parts. How about Easton's dinosaur hat? Nothing says, "party animal" like a dinosaur hat...

Today was a very interesting day and Kendra bought a vacuum for the first time in 8 years. Our old vacuum was dying before Easton and Layla arrived. Since then we have even more need and use for a good vacuum. Not exactly one of those items I can buy for Kendra for a gift though. :) I know better than that...

Time for bed! See you soon.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle twins

Greetings friends and family,

The surprising thing about spending time with a child (or children) is not how they parrot full sentences or repeat expletives with the same level of passion as the parent. The surprising part for me is seeing how their very of themselves and the world around them is shaped by the parent’s words and songs and experiences.

Hearing Layla say, “I’m a beauuuuuutiful princess!” and Easton say, “I am handsome, Prince Charming!” is amazing to me. Their own self-confidence is being built right before my eyes like a time-lapse video of a home construction. I know, those reflective comments from the twins are appearance oriented and may appear to be shallow. However, it all starts with their heart and how they see themselves is as important as the other aspects which we regularly teach them as well. They say, “I am smart” and “I have a happy heart” and “I have kind hands”.

Even more than that Easton is really getting the hang of it because he voluntarily told Kendra, “Mommy is beautiful” and that’s when I know the brains are really kicking into gear. He has a sensitive, sweet character about him which I’m thrilled to watch develop.

From the moment the twins were born Kendra told me Layla’s hair won’t grow until after she is 2 years old. I accepted the expectation, but have looked forward to the day when Layla’s hair would be long enough to put in a pony tail. I just think little girls look extra cute with a pony tail for some reason. Finally after 2 years and 4 months… the pony tail is HERE!

Another thing you might notice is how light the twin’s hair is with red tones as well. Certainly nowhere near my black hair or Kendra’s dark brown hair, but I could really care less what color it is. I’m just happy her hair is growing longer every day.

All of our hard work to incorporate music through singing is finally paying off. Easton and Layla perform a duet of the never-ending “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. They never get to the final stanza and instead loop the chorus indefinitely until I physically take the microphones away. Easton is so comical in the way he holds two microphones at a time.

American idol, here we come! Now if I can just get them to start singing it in a round? hmmmm...

Each day with Oma in our house is more of a blessing. I know I should be more of present-tense thinker, but I’m already sad she has to leave in a week. It does keep me focused on making the most of our time with her and adventures we share. It also makes me miss having my mom around even more than normal.

Layla is finding out the hard way that Oma isn't a push over and has healthy boundaries just like Mommy and Daddy. You can tell she doesn't have a happy heart in this picture, but we are all three united and consistent in our boundaries for her. The great outcome from these moments is the twins behave equally well for all of us no matter who is in the house. :)

The swimming lessons are over and the only tangible thing we got from $240 is a cheap, bent ribbon for each of the twins saying they “passed” the class. Luckily the intangible swimming skills they acquired are well worth the cost. Now we can keep the momentum going forward as we continue the daily lessons at the Casa de Webb.

See you soon!