Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pleasant Saturday

Good afternoon everyone,

Yesterday everyone at home survived fine while I was at work, as expected. Joan from our church came by last night and brought a tasty caserole dinner for us and tonight Vicky brought chicken tacos and homemade spanish rice. We are very grateful to be blessed like this from the church and it's been fun to meet new people in a more casual atmosphere like our house. Kendra had hoped to go to the women's Bible study this morning, but the four of us didn't get much sleep so Kendra will go to the Sunday evening study time tomorrow instead. Oma Burgess did get a good night of sleep and she's been taking care of the twins during the dat today while Kendra and I napped. Kendra felt good enough to go for a walk, so her and Oma took the babies for a stroll around the neighborhood to get their exercise in for the day. Here's a picture of Oma giving Easton his medicine tonight. She's got the right touch to keep him from spitting it all out, so she involuntarily gets the responsiblity of giving it!
Aunt Mary and her friend Kathy who is in town came by this afternoon to say hello and see the babies. Mary's hair didn't turn out as the bottle of hair color promised so she went to the solon to get it done the way she originally intended.

Here is one of Layla Rae that shows off her little outfit that I bought today. That's right... I was sent into Babies R' Us to get diapers and passed by the premiee rack to see if they had anything her size. We have more than enough clothes for her that are newborn and up, but not much in the way of premiee size (I think the "P" stands for peanut, not premiee). Anyway, I was so excited to put her in an outfit that didn't swallow her up like a 20 lbs. potatoe sack that I changed her outfit and put on this one. Doesn't she look like a little sweet pea, angel, peanut, pricess? I think I have too many terms of endearment already...

In some ways I've tried to censor the blog postings by presenting only the happy, sunshiney, positive side, of the events over the past few weeks. Not to do an injustice to the moments, but because for the most part the birth and "bringing home baby" process has been enjoyable and euphoric. All of the newness of the twins, changes to ourselves and the household, and having grandparents share in the events have been worthy of sharing with you through the blog. Almost every aspect of having a baby is magnified when having twins. Both fun times and struggles. One example is bodily functions. Any time a baby burps or produces a sound that would be completely unacceptable in public, we all break out in happy dances, claps, and cheers of encouragement. You'd think the kid just scored a goal in a soccer game or something! As bizzare as it sounds for me to write this down, it makes perfect sense when I turn and look into the living room where it's turned into baby kingdom.

Time to go for now, but i've requested Oma and Kendra post some time soon to get their thoughts and perspectives as well.

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