Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday = back to work for Bronson

After two weeks off, I'll be heading back to the salt mine tomorrow. I wish this could last another couple of weeks until the twins get a little further along, but it is what it is. Layla is doing great and sleeping like a.... umm... baby. Easton is having a tough evening with a bit of a temperature. we called the pediatrician and based on what we're seeing it isn't a big deal and should pass soon. Babies are much more flexible and nimble than I expected and much more fragile inside their little bodies than I expected. One thing is for sure though: nothing beats on the job training to really get your hands around something new like rearing a child... or two. We're all ready for an early bed time and plan to be asleep a few minutes after the final whistle blows for the Phoenix Suns and Lakers game. Go Lakers!

Here's one last picture from today's outside shots. Just to make sure when people ask, "where were you born?" The twins can have this picture with the cactus, sun, and stucco in the background and be sure it was Phoenix. :) I'll leave the camera with Kendra and Oma Burgess during the day. Hopefully I'll come home to stories and cute moments they captured on film. Catch you tomorrow!


Dustin & Michaela said...

That's a great family photo!!! Kendra, you look awesome for having twins 2 weeks ago!

Hope all continues to go well.
Michaela & Dustin

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Wow, Kendra! I only wish I look that good...and my youngest is 4!