Monday, August 31, 2009

Good try

This morning I woke up before the dual alarm clocks. Actually, we all woke up at about the same time because of the trains that chug by our neighborhood at o'dark 30 in the morning. Anyway, I rolled out of bed and into the babies room with my usual greeting and then I saw Layla.

Out loud I inquisitively said, "How in the world did you get your shirt down around your... oh never mind. Daddy will fix it." Then she tried to pull it up by herself invein. I felt so bad for her frustration and for the stretched out collar of her pajamas.

Such a funny way to start my day. She was obviously unhappy about the current condition of her shirt, but how do you explain that to an 18 month old? All I could say was, "Good try, peanut." Other than that, I was speechless.

Yesterday afternoon we took Easton and Layla's church clothes off before lunch and nap to avoid any spills. After lunch they were playing around and Easton grabbed Layla's dress. Then he tried to put it on (sigh, rolling eyes)...

He tried to pull it on over his head knowing he's seen Layla get the dress on and off that way.

All I could say was, "Good try, Monkey". Again, one of those speechless moments where I don't want to make a big deal about it, but I certainly don't want to encourage it!

I get the feeling there will be many, many more of these "what are they thinking?" moments. God give me the wisdom to know when not to talk because saying the truth in love means absolutely nothing to an 18 month old. Besides... they'll repeat whatever I say. I give you: Exhibit "A"

See you soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

batteries, burritos, and bears

Hello friends and family,

My brother and his wife are now officially parents of Lexi after their adoption completed successfully last Thursday! Easton and Layla gained another Webb cousin. Lexi is 7 days older than our twins are so my brother and I have been walking the same path of parenthood at the exact same time.

Over the weekend I discovered a method of recycling toys that seems to be working. Step 1 is to find an awesome best friend with kids slightly older than yours. Step 2 is to convince your friend to give you their old toys. Step 3 is to introduce the toys to your kids and let them play with them until they are bored.

Now here's the tricky part... Step 4 is to notice when your kids get bored and THEN put batteries in the toy. Yea!!!

And just like that... With 2 double A batteries, they get a whole new enjoyment from the once lifeless toy. When I first brought home the plastic car stroller Easton and Layla played with it and Layla eventually started to push herself around on it saying, "beep, beep!" At that point I realized all those buttons and knobs probably did something if only the batteries worked. Duh. I should probably have saved that for my "What Works for Me Wednesday"...

Layla earned the name, "The Book Eater". Not metaphorically as a way to describe how quickly she reads books. I mean she REALLY eats books.

We have books all over our house in every room and every drawer. We've put books in their bed since they were old enough to roll over on their stomach just so they have something to do when they wake up in the morning. Yesterday when the dual alarm clocks went off, I shuffled in to find Layla's book half-eaten. That's not the distressing part either. The distressing part is that there were no bits and pieces of the book scattered around her crib or on the floor. The logical conclusion (aside from aliens zapping her book with a laser) is that she ate the entirety of the missing book cover; Foam and cardboard alike. That can't be good for digestion, you know?

We reached another milestone at the 4Webbs house this weekend. The twins have moved beyond signing the word, "eat"; Beyond saying the word "eat"; Now to the next level with is showing the word "eat":

Easton and Layla pushed their high chairs from the hallway into the kitchen area as a way of getting my attention to say they are seriously ready to eat.

Kendra ran to the grocery store and while she was gone, the twins grew tired of saying "eat!" I had to wait for Kendra to arrive back home and as we waited for her, Easton and Layla decided to push out their high chairs to show how serious they were about wanting to eat.

Once Kendra arrived home the twins attempted a new concept of eating... It's called a burrito.

I was surprised at how well they did to hold it and bite correctly. About half way through the burrito they both unwrapped and destroyed the tortilla. I'm proud of them for making it half way through!

There are a couple of pictures from the last week where Easton and Layla appear to be happy, but are really expressing something else. Here you might think Easton is displaying elation as he goes down the slide.

The real emotion he is showing is intense frustration. I can't remember what he was so disgruntled about, but it sure made for a sweet and humorous picture. You might think this next picture is about Easton pretending to give the stuffed bear a seat and a drink. While that is great to showcase his imagination, I'll have to point out Layla's facial expression as the real interesting part of the picture.

In case you can't decipher her "look", it is a result of Kendra telling Layla to share and give Easton a chance to play with the bear. Layla's response was a defiant stare-down directed at Kendra. Kendra's response was, "oh NO you DIDn't just do that to mommy". The result was a 1 minute and 30 second time-out on the kitchen mat. Go mommy!

What ever happened to Mickey Mouse toys? Layla is obsessed with watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we want to buy her some Mickey Mouse toys. However, our search through Target turned up not a single Mickey Mouse item in the store. What gives? Any idea of where to buy those characters other than the insanely expensive Disney store in the mall?

See you soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

On a stick

Greetings friends and family,

It's Friday once again and this week has been extra challenging for Kendra. I've been doing the normal work routine, which is a breeze compared with the effort required from Kendra to keep the house running smooth and the twins on the right track. Easton is throwing tantrums once in a while, but "time out" in his crib for 1-2 minutes seems to be working. Layla is still being a limp noodle regularly when she doesn't get her way so we're dealing with that "response" as well. I thought this kind of thing occurs during the "terrible two's"? They are only 18 months! Yes, yes... I know... every child is different (rolling my eyes).

That's our sob story for the day, but now onto the other side of the coin.

Kendra is doing her best to get Easton and Layla out of the house without a) spending money, b) scorching the kids in the 112 degree heat, or c) letting them run loose in a department store. She ended up going to the mall for some people watching and playtime in the germ pit (i mean, the child play area). On her way through the food court she stopped by Hotdog on a Stick.

I'm not sure if you have been to this fine eating establishment? Their standard operating procedure is to force employees to wear ridiculous hats and embarrass themselves by plunging up and down on the lemon press to make lemonade. They were kind enough to give Kendra two fake Hotdog on a Stick child hats for free.

I sincerely hope this is the only time in their lives they have to wear these silly Hotdog on a Stick hats. At least it was good for a few giggles, but neither kept it on their head very long.

We spent an enjoyable evening at our friends' house and their daughter is named Layla also. April cooked an excellent dinner and we had an outstanding time sharing what I call "doing life together". That's what friendships are about in my opinion. Since we stayed there all evening Kendra ended up giving a community baby bath for Layla, Layla, and Easton.

The bathroom was drenched from all the splashing and playing, but resulted in clean babies none the less. Afterwards, the kids turned the living room into a love-fest giving everyone hugs and kisses.

We watched as proud parents while they sweetly showed kindness and shared friendship. Even going so far as to let their Layla play with Kendra phone! That's a big deal because our twins constantly argue over who gets it.

Kendra has been eyeing the "aquadoodle" for a long time and we finally have one now. The basic idea is this: Fill up a marker with water (so it doesn't destroy the walls or carpet when incorrectly used) and provide a water-sensitive canvas to draw on that disappears over time and becomes re-usable. Layla sure looks devious, doesn't she?

Kendra's friend, April, coined a new phrase for us to laugh about. There exists such a person known as a "Wal-mart Mom". We have nothing against Wal-mart and shop there often... However, as April noted, there are many moms who let their young children run around Wal-mart in just a diaper. no shirt, no shoes, and sometimes no PANTS! This is incredibly disturbing and there is no situation (including 112 degree weather) to warrant such behavior.

These are the funny things I previously wouldn’t have picked up on before becoming a parent. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Every so often I go back through the thousands of pictures we take and put a few bloopers out here. You have no idea how many "takes" we have to go through just to get one good picture.

Can you see the 100 lbs. crate of blueberries in the Costco shopping basket? Easton sure does. As soon as we get blueberries he will continually ask for some by name until we break open the package and appease his desire to eat some fresh ones. Meanwhile, Layla looks like a sad zombie as she munches on a crusty piece of bread.

I'm not sure if the look in Easton's eyes say, "Loverboy" or "Nunu zombie". He has his thumb in his mouth and Nunu in the other hand, so this is about as comforting as it gets for Easton. The only comfort missing is his monogrammed pillow and I'm sure if he had a third hand it would be holding the pillow.

As the 4 Webbs went shopping for baby clothes one day, Kendra found a furry hat with ear coverings. She placed on Easton's head and right in front of him was a full length mirror. He was giggling at how funny the hat looked on his head. I had my camera ready and just as I snapped the picture:

Layla happened... You can see her hand firmly gripping the hat. It was firmly attached to Easton's head and she jerked it sideways as she tried to pry it off his head. I missed this moment by .5 seconds, but caught another funny event as Layla pulled Easton to the ground.

This next one is from our trip to Sacramento. I didn't post it because neither Layla nor Easton is looking at the camera. However, you can get a glimpse of Easton and Layla's personality by their body language.

Easton is relaxed, hanging out with his arms and legs down. He's slumped forward just enjoying the ride. Layla has her hands STRAIGHT up! She grabs as high as possible on the chains almost like a circus trapeze artist waiting for dismount. She's tense and focused.

That does a really good job of visually showing how they are in their daily life. And Oma is beaming with happiness as she alternates keeping the twins swinging. That's pretty much the way she is all of the time too. So good job to all three for being true to form.

Dang! we missed Layla's fishface by 1 second... but I did catch a good one of Opa demonstrating for us.

Layla and Easton both have the ability to make really good fishfaces... When my camera is fast enough to capture them posing I'll post a picture of it.

We were just talking about Kendra's brother, Casey, tonight while watching the "Shaq Vs." TV show. I watch TV about once per month for 30 minutes and tonight we were flipping back and forth between an old episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the Shaq Vs. show. Anyway, Casey is a lot like Shaq in his sense of humor and ability to put on a show when the spotlight is turned on him. Not sure why I didn't post this picture before with all of the "stuffy" serious ones.

I laugh every time I see this picture even though Kendra disapproves of the way she looks.

For a while I tried to get Easton to look at the camera by saying, "where is daddy?" That stopped working because he would immediately point at me. He would stop whatever cute or interesting thing he was doing and point at me, which defeated the purpose of getting his attention in the first place.

Easton is pointing at me as if to say, "I'm pointing at you! How can you not know where you are?" That's if for this round of bloopers!

By the way, I earned my next level of martial arts last week! Now I'm preparing to test for my black belt in a few months. I've been dedicated for the past 2.5 years and am almost convinced of my abilities. The original motivation I had for learning martial arts was based on my complete lack of confidence to defend myself and more importantly my family. Having never thrown a single punch or ever been in a fight in my entire life, I knew this was an area I was not well equipped.

When I was single, if I got beat up... oh well! that's just life. However, now I have a wife and two kids to protect and that changes the stakes tremendously. More than anything, I want to reach the level of skill and ability of those who earned a black belt. The belt itself means nothing and isn't the "goal". There is no magic wand that will be waved over my head where I will feel like "I have arrived". I've survived 34 years without ever needing to defend myself through physical force, but if the time ever comes when I must, then I'll at least know what to do.

As I've always said, wherever you spend your time and money shows what you are committed to.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

10,000 unique visitors

Congratulations to the 4 Webb's blog for reaching the huge milestone of 10,000 unique visitors! All of you fine people who follow along with us on our adventures are very much appreciated. Thank you for reading along and sharing in the fun of raising twins.

I added the counter about a year ago. I'm completely amazed so many different people are interested and take time to read the blog. Is it possible our parents represent 5,000 of those hits? Yes, but still there 5,000 other friends and family reading along.

Here's the executive summary of our updates from the past few weeks in case you're short on time:

1. Easton stopped biting and it's been a few weeks since his last infraction! Thanks to Tabasco sauce and Dustin.
2. The 4 Webbs were ALL sick, but now everyone is well. We almost bought stock in Kleenex brand... No more snotty noses!
3. We are still rocking the P90X home fitness program. However, sickness and french cooking (see below) put the brakes on our progress for a bit.
4. 18 Month checkup for the twins was fantastic and they are healthy in every way.

Layla officially hit the "limp noodle" stage this past week. Here's a picture to describe what I mean.

According to other parents all kids go through this stage. Some time after Layla realized what the word "no" means, she hit a rebellious stage I call the "limp noodle". If she doesn't get her way her tactic to rebel is to have her entire body go limp and start crying. It doesn't matter if she is being held, walking on pavement or just standing on the tile floor! She just flops and turns into a bag of bones. I've caught her head a couple of times just before it smacks the floor by diving Pete Rose style across the room. The picture above is her warning sign that it's "limp noodle" time. If you see this face, you have about 1 second to hang on tightly to her. Otherwise she slips right through like a greased pig.

The twins are finally able to use the table and chairs they received as a birthday gift! It's officially known as the snack table because they still need the forced focus time during the three big meals each day.

Kendra says eventually they will use this table for coloring, crafts, and meal time, but that seems like a long way in the future for a rookie dad like me.

Yesterday we invited some friends over for an all-out, authentic French dinner. Kendra went to see the Julia Child movie with the girlfriends and were inspired to cook French food. I'm sure many ladies were inspired by the movie, but Kendra and her friends actually did it! She bought Julia Child's official book, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and those ladies cooked a mouthwatering masterpiece.

The meal was complete with croissants, beef stew (with a name i can't remember), and chocolate soufflé. The afternoon was complete with swimming, Easton and Layla performing circus tricks like monkeys and games. We played a new favorite game of ours called, "Telephone Pencil" I'll upload a few picture examples in a future post, but it's basically like the telephone game from your childhood where you whisper something to someone and then it goes around the room and never ends up as what you originally said. Do that with pictures and viola! you have a humorous evening.

One final picture of our good looking boy, Easton. He was sliding head first into the pool of balls to impress the ladies before bedtime.

And one final word of congratulations to my brother and his wife who expects to officially adopt Lexi next week! We are very excited for them to get through the red tape and finalize it once and for all.

See you soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Child brain development

Hello people,

The past few days have been a little difficult at home for Kendra because Easton and Layla are a little agitated from the pediatrician's shots. I came home from work to find Kendra hanging on by her last nerve. My day was a little stressful just from normal demands of keeping my boring work life going. However, Kendra's day was much more difficult so I was happy to step in and spend time with the babies for the normal 5-7 double jeopardy (where the scores can really change).

We woke up this morning to find Easton yakked in his bed so blueberry muffin was everywhere. Seems like he worked himself into a tantrum because we were a little slower than normal getting them out of bed and pointed towards the crackers. That's a rough way to start the day, right? It got better from there, but Kendra just had one of those days.

I chased the twins around the kitchen island after giving them a bath. I think they FINALLY figured out it is also fun for them to chase each other around and play peek-a-boo. At first I was the chaser and would jump out as they came around the corner. This is where I was saying, "where is daddy?"

Layla shrieks with laughter and loves to be caught off guard as I jump out. Also you'll notice she has the toy stethoscope around her neck where she was listening to our hearts. After our last fiasco at the Pediatricians we want to introduce the idea of doctor's tools and shots at home and hopefully they won't freak out next time we're there.

In this next picture you see Easton's wonderful smile, but what you DON'T see is Layla right behind him, chasing Easton as they ran through the house. I started saying, "Where is Easton?"

She finally caught him in the front room... and tackled him.

I wasn't sure whether to cheer for her or feel sorry for him? Both of them took it as just good play-time fun. We will hopefully see much more of them playing tag and peek-a-boo together. In other amazing news... My friend Judson gave us some of their unused toys (their two kids are slightly older than ours) and one of the toys is a huge rocking horse. The base is made of strong plastic. There are strong rubber links connecting the horse to the base. It is very bouncy and wobbly by design and the twins love rocking on it. Layla decided to stand up on the saddle! We are amazed at her strength to get up in that position and balance all by herself for several seconds.

Kendra put her hand out just to keep her standing up so I could take a picture. Every day brings something new where we are impressed with how well the twins are growing mentally and physically.

I attended a workshop sponsored by my work where the focus was brain development of children. Here are some cool things I learned from "the experts":

1. Children learn new languages the best between 0-6 years old. By 10 it becomes exponentially more difficult to learn a new language. Time to hit the Rosetta Stone software over the next couple of months and pump up the Spanish conversations around here.

2. Playing music is good, but having continuous background music is bad. Children can't "tune it out" like adults can and they try to focus on everything happening around them at once. this causes over-stimulation. This point is the most important change I will make in our house. My thought previously was to have music on as much as possible to stimulate the music part of their brains, but that is not good. Instead, I'll plan specific music times where we listen and dance and sing along with songs they can understand.

3. No TV for any child under 2 years old. They said that children who watched baby Einstein were less developed mentally than those who had no TV. (I'm still trying to reconcile this information with the Your Baby Can Read methodology).

4. IQ of children is more highly correlated with how many words they heard each day than any other aspect of environment. For example, Kendra talks all day all the time and I like the fact that she does. She'll talk through everything they are doing, "put on your right sock, now we're putting on your left sock, and now let's get your pink shoes..."

5. Flash cards are useless. Their point is that a child gets more from touching an actual apple than looking at a picture of one, which makes sense.

6. The density of a childs brain peaks at 6 years old and then it "prunes" out the unused or non-re-enforced portions to make room for more important connections.

I'm not saying I agree with everything that was said, I'm just relaying with the experts point out as important aspects of developing a child's brain. What I took from the session was confirmation of Kendra's methodology and the way we are doing things at the 4 Webb's house.

Too bad they didn't address how to stop children from biting or I would have provided my own expertise along with a shameless advertisement for Tabasco sauce!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18 month checkup

Hello friends and family,

Easton and Layla graduated to a new sport called phone dragging. They race each other around the island dragging their toy phone by whatever cord possible. The racing around is especially loud as the plastic phones bang against the tile floor. It's nothing super exciting, but it is our little version of ESPN highlights.

Easton and Layla survived their 18 month checkup today. I say “survived” because they didn’t enjoy one second of the pediatrician’s time. She turned off the light to do some sort of eye test and they both started crying. Neither one stopped crying until we were home. Poor babies… such a traumatic experience. The pediatrician and nurse were both awesome in getting done what they needed to do, but Easton and Layla hated every minute of it. Especially the shots!

Before all the mayhem ensued the nurses took pictures of each baby (for unknown reasons) and the twins played happily as we filled in all the paperwork. I’ve been looking for months to find a “checklist” of sorts to identify early signs of autism just as a precaution. You’d think that might be a common thing readily available on the internet, but NoooOOOooo. I wasn’t smart enough to find a good one. Anyway, one of the forms we filled out for the pediatrician was exactly that. We are happy to report neither of our babies shows any signs of autism whatsoever.

With that bit of good news, here are the statistics from today:

Layla: 22.5 lbs. and 31.5 inches
Easton: 24 lbs. and 32.5 inches

They are both within reasonable range and doing very well according to the doctor and nurse. I was kind of worried because several of our friends have babies in the 98% range and we wondered what the true “average” or normal is. Daniel, Landon, and Aaron are all monstrous boys who are off the chart in size. It almost seemed like the norm, but our pediatrician today said Easton and Layla are both wonderfully healthy.

Once we arrived home and hung out in their familiar surroundings, they bounced right back to their happy selves.

Here they are sharing Daddy’s desk chair. Kendra bought them some kid-sized kitchen ware this morning. Easton is holding a lid and Layla is holding a pot. She readily gives the “number 1” sign anytime somebody says, “Opa is number ONE!” This was started by Opa himself many months ago and Layla gives the sign on command.

As you can see, Layla still has a snotty nose and none of us feel up to 100%, but we are all feeling better than yesterday so we are grateful for progress!

See you soon.

Monday, August 17, 2009


There has never been a "timely" sickness or death in the history of the world, but right now ALL 4 Webbs are sick. Now THAT is untimely if I ever heard it. The stars aligned at just the wrong time and BAM! We are scrambling to keep the house clean, babies entertained and Nyquil stocked. Yesterday morning all was well at our house. We went to church and everyone felt fine including the twins. When we arrived home Easton had a snotty nose. Kendra came down with a stomach bug or food poising shortly after that. Layla started to feel warm last night indicating a temperature and both babies were fussy. I had a scratchy throat that progressively turned into the list of symptoms that scrolls by during a Nyquil commercial. All of that happened in just a few hours!

Luckily Kendra is on the mend and eating well again this evening. I feel like dirt still, but Kendra's homemade chicken soup and back rubs sure make things momentarily better. Now she is almost back to 100%, but has to take care of Easton, Layla, AND me for another day or two.

Consequently, we haven't been in the picture taking mood much lately. I did catch a picture of Easton in his new PJs and his pooh bear ears. Once he realized there is a tractor on his PJ top, he feels the need to tell us about it regularly.

I took the twins over to our friend's house (without Kendra since she was busy worshiping the porcelain god). Judson and Heidi were very gracious about cooking dinner and hanging out in their pool with the three of us. One of the highlights every time we go over there is the chance to play with their dog and cat. After Layla realized the cat was right behind her she became very excited as though she were face to face with a rock star.

This afternoon during cracker and snack time we decided to try out the kid table and chairs we've had for several months. They appear to be the right size, but Layla bailed off to the side and smacked her head on the wall. Guess we need to wait just a little longer for their balance to improve. Also, they need to get some discipline around staying seated in their chair and not standing up on it.

So much to teach and so little time... Sorry for the delay in posts. I hope we get the 4 Webbs back up and running soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Layla and Layla?

Howdy folks,

Kendra had some nightmares and needed reassurance so she woke me up at 2:00 AM this morning. My mind started to engage and I couldn't go back to sleep so decided to blog until I get sleepy again. I don't mind being awakened in the middle of the night by Kendra. I love it when she cuddles up against me and nothing brings her closer to my side of the bed more than bad dreams.

Besides, if this is the most difficult thing I have to deal with, then I am extremely grateful. There are a lot of people across the world who will be jolted from their sleep under much more difficult circumstances. Maybe hearing bombs go off or missiles fly overhead? Maybe intense hunger pangs from starvation? Maybe physical ailments or sickness causing pains so great to cause insomnia? The warmth of my loving wife against my back needing comfort is a moment to cherish. These are the best of times for me even at 2:00 AM. I suppose it depends more on your perspective more than your situation, but it's a choice.

On to the lighter side of the 4 Webbs, Easton and Layla are scheduled for their 18 month check up next week. You know what that means? Time to cram for the test! We'll be working extra hard this weekend on their tricks so they get all "A's" on their report cards. Apparently babies at this age should be able to eat with a spoon, do 50 pushups, and recite the alphabet.

Seriously though, we've been helping them hold a spoon for 6 months with very limited success. Easton hasn't figure out the objective is NOT to put every piece of cereal in the bowl onto the spoon before taking a bite. Layla hasn't figured out that turning the spoon upside down every time she takes a bite results in a bib full of mac & cheese. I'm not worried about it at all, but Kendra wants them to be self-sufficient sooner rather than later.

They did figure out the banana. Kendra peels a banana half way down and gives it to one of the twins. They take enormous bites and share very well while eating independently. I was impressed! Maybe I can get a video of that this weekend and share the humorous interaction.

I'm not sure where Layla picked up the habit of pushing her jaw to one side when she smiles really big, but here she is dragging her phone around:

Thank you GG for the toy phone you gave us while we were in California last month. Now we have two similar toys so the twins don't argue over it (applause). Now we wear them out by having "phone races" where they drag their phones by the handset as they run around the kitchen island.

The other night after bath time Kendra brought out the hair brushes for their intended purpose as well as something new to play with. Layla ended up with both of them and she chased Easton around the house like a deranged hair dresser trying to brush his hair. It looked something like Queen Latifah from Beauty Shop meets Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Another thing you'll notice is Layla's long, wispy hair on her left side. Kendra finally grew tired of it and gave her a haircut! The remnants are safely captured in a ziplock baggy. From what Kendra says, the next time her hair grows out it will be even.

I like this next picture of Layla because of her genuine smile. Many times she is either very serious looking or does her on-command, squint-eyed, wide-mouth smile.

and here is a similar picture of Easton I like. I was lying on the living room floor as the twins buzzed around playing before bed time. Easton stopped long enough for me to take a picture and then off again he went. You can see his full set of teeth and pronounced dimples.

Our friends Jason and April brought their two kids over and spent the evening hanging out with the 4 Webbs. We had a great time getting to know them and sharing a meal together. Here is their 2-year-old daughter, Layla.

Yes, her name is correct! Their daughter is also named Layla. That presents challenges when trying to get the attention of one of them. If we say, "Layla" they both turn around. Calling them Layla 1 and 2 would be confusing. My brother hated to be called "Brian 5" so I know that doesn't work well. Kendra decided to call our Layla by her nickname, Chula. She got this Spanish word from her friend, Megan, who calls her daughter by the same name. Supposedly it means, "cute girl". I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and apparently it means something less respectful, but I'll need to verify before we continue to use THAT word as a nickname.

Anyway, here is Layla and Layla sitting at their big girl table before dinner.

Their son, Landon, is obviously much older than Easton. Kendra thought it would be silly to put a bib on him just for fun.

Time to go catch a few more ZZZZ before the dual alarm clocks sound off.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Way back Whensday

Happy Wednesday everyone,

I thought it would be fun to do a comprehensive, year-by-year review of the 4 Webbs because this IS Wednesday. Also, I'm finally home where I can access all our old pictures.

2000 - Her crazy family reunion as our 5th date? What was I thinking...

2001 - Introduction to my family back in Missouri to see if they approve

2002 - Our big wedding day. Ta-da! We're married

2003 - jet-setters in Mexico for beach and sunset romance

2004 - Traveling the Rome and Greece

2005 - Climbing local mountains together (headbands weren't cool in 2005 either)

2006 - WE (it was a team effort) graduated with an Masters of Business Administration

2007 - Ready for the big time, baby (babies)

2008 - Adjusting to life as the 4 Webbs

2009 - Raising two wonderful kids and loving every day together

Everyone changes, but not everyone grows. My desire is to keep on growing! As the years tick by, the bad times seem to fade away. I'm sure it is partly due to forgiveness and partly because all of the pictures are from happy times. To think my next annual addition to this post will be in the year 2010 is surreal. Seems like yesterday we were partying like it was 1999.

Rock on.