Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easton Troy and Layla Rae are home at last.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Nana Webb and Kendra did great last night and the doctors visited early this morning to release us from the hospital. Grandma Burgess and I went by the local police department and they showed us how to strap in the car seats properly. They have "certified" people who know how to do it correctly and since this was our first time, we thought it would be best to get them installed by the experts. After arriving, we decided to get the generational pictures since this was our last opportunity before Nana and Papa Webb had to leave for their flight home. I miss them both already.

Here is the Last of the Mohicans, so to speak. Easton is the only male Webb of our known lineage who will carry on the Webb name. I know Papa has two other grandsons already who he loves dearly, but this is one of the most special memories of the entire week. I'm hoping to pass down the character and beliefs to my son in the same way Papa did for me. Papa set the bar really high when it comes to living what you teach.

Here is the women's side of the generational picture and the only thing missing is Grandma Ellie! It will be exciting to get the four of them together some day for the generational picture. I'm relieved that Layla has her mom and grandma's good looks instead of mine. She's so feminine and precious. She'll be a gorgeous little lady someday and easy to see who she'll thank for that.

Our Nurse did one final check on everyone and then we were ready to leave. Kendra and I took the twins straight over to Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave's while Nana and Papa were dropped off at the airport. The time with Mary and Dave was emotional, but absolutely priceless. Dave was having a rough day, but managed to make it to the living room where he held and kissed each baby. He did really well, given the stress and excitement of the situation and we even filmed some good video footage of the event. Isn't this a great picture?

If anyone wants full-size pictures of anything on this blog, feel free to email me and I can send whatever you like. Prior to last week, there wasn't enough excitement to have a blog, but from what I hear, things are just getting started as far as interesting moments that can be blogged and photographed. I'm really looking forward to fatherhood and have 2 weeks of vacation right now to get a good start on it.

Kendra is crashed out in the bedroom after 3 nights in a row of less than 4 hours sleep each night. Grandpa Burgess is watching the UCLA basketball game with Easton sleeping on his shoulder. Maybe i'll try to get a picture of that in a bit... Grandma Burgess is out shopping for preemie clothes because our twins are still too small for the newborn stuff... I'm standing around watching Peanut sleep in her crib and smiling like never before. Here's what you'll see if you stop by the Webb house. Cute, huh? Looks like she's giving him a kung-fu kick to the stomach.

Thank you again for your prayers. The whole experience has been so much fun and completely smooth from start to finish. Give any of us a call after 3:30 PM Pacific today if you'd like to talk or stop by to say hello. We also have Skype and would love to video chat. We are BronsonKendra on Skype. See you soon!

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Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Bronson! You've got 2 very adorable little ones there...I'm so excited for you and Kendra. Sounds like you guys are going to be GREAT parents! I can't wait to read about your adventures of fatherhood!

--your Cuz, Jen