Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pop rocks

Howdy folks,

It finally happened this week! The moment I've been waiting for since we first found out Kendra was pregnant with twins. After arriving home from work I flung open the door to the house and did the same thing I do every day. I say, "Hi baaaaabies! Daddy's home!" with my eyebrows raised, a goofy smile on my face, and my arms open wide.

Yesterday was different though. Easton and Layla both stopped what they were doing and came running to see me while saying, "dada dada dada" over and over. As I bent down to give them hugs Layla buried her head in my shoulder leaving a big slobber mark on my shirt. Easton held his arms in the air and repeatedly said, "up, up, up" until I picked him up and pumped him into the air over my head. That moment where the twins were excited about me coming home and call me Dada as they come over to show me love was everything I hoped it would be and then some.

Don't get the impression the 4 Webbs are a "Leave it to Beaver" perfect family. We have our good days and bad just like any other couple or parent. However, that moment was superb. Whatever happened at work yesterday didn't matter. Whatever argument Kendra and I had about trust and spiritual leadership and insecurity didn't matter. Whatever needed to be done around the house and decision that needed to be made didn't matter. I'm amazed how something so simple and insignificant can mean so much to me as a father. Many times I build up expectations and hype around certain events or special moments only to be let down or unfulfilled (like the Suns not making the playoffs even with Shaq). Not this time. It was unconditional love given in a way that can't be bought or manufactured or deserved.

OK, enough about me. Let's see some POPS and babies. Easton has popsicle all over his face and body. Layla has the popsicle crammed in her mouth and only wearing one shoe. What a sight.

Kendra made some home made popsicles out of yogurt and strawberries and some other healthy stuff. This was the first frozen thing the twins have eaten so it took a little while for them to get used to the coldness in their mouth. Once Kendra broke off a small piece and fed it to them so they could get the taste instead of just the coldness, they really liked it.

Here's a closer picture of Layla's beautiful face as she gnaws away at the popsicle.

And a close up of Easton doing the same thing: Getting extremely messy and loving the tasty pops!

I am proud of Kendra for setting up such a humorous picture-worthy activity and taking pictures of it for me. I ask almost every morning as I go to work for her to take pictures of the fun I miss while I'm at work. Many times she does and I'm glad she did this time as well.

One final picture of Easton in the backyard where he is more interested in his popsicle than in the rocks. This one hit me like Deja Vu. I looked at the picture and said, "where have I seen that pose and look before?"

Nice Crocs, Easton. Then it hit me! I dug around in the archives and found this one of Layla. You see the similarities? They must be brother and sister!

Every day I see ways the twins are carbon copies of each other and other ways they are complete opposites. They both love to wrestle and play after bath time. We just have to be there to referee. By referee I mean keep the two of them from biting each other. The cage match lives on! Layla tackled Easton as the two of them giggled and rolled around.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with the 4 Webbs. See you again soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

teamwork and subwoofer

Every morning after the twins eat breakfast Kendra turns on their favorite (and only) TV show, The Wonder Pets . They sing the same songs every single episode and one part says:

Linny: "Linny,"
Tuck: "Tuck,"
Ming-Ming: "And Ming-Ming, too."
All: "We're Wonder Pets and we'll help you!"
Linny: "What's gonna work?"
Tuck and Ming-Ming or All: "Teamwork!"
Linny: "What's gonna work?"
Tuck and Ming-Ming or All: "Teamwork!"

This little jingle stays in my head ALL day long and I end up humming it at work or adding the teamwork theme into my corporate presentations. Click on this link if you want to see some pictures and hear how ridiculously humorous they sound. As you can tell, my blog post title came from that theme song too. And here is another source of teamwork:

Apparently, the idea Easton and Layla must be within touching distance of each other extends to the backyard. Easton was just picking up rocks and throwing them, which became the antithesis of Layla as she attempted to stack them.

Great Aunt Mary spent the evening with the three of us since Kendra played an early soccer game tonight. We went outside to play in the grass and rocks. At first both babies stayed within the bounds of the yard because the brick barrier was like the Grand Canyon to them.However, once Layla figured out how to step over it, she was "off-roading".

Saturday night we proved we are still spontaneous! We are NOT an old, washed-up married couple who have succumbed to the rut of the daily grind. Great Aunt Mary agreed to come over and keep watch for a few hours so we could get out by ourselves after the babies went to sleep.

I checked online to see what events were happening and BAM! there on the home page was a concert notice of Brett Dennen playing in town. I listen to him on my iPod frequently so I played a few songs for Kendra to hear what he sounded like. She agreed to go see him perform so we headed out the door with no tickets and no guarantees. We showed up before the concert start time and bought our tickets. We had a bite to eat at a restaurant next door and then had a blast listening to the live music and holding each other close.

We were literly a few feet in front of him as they performed. This is not a zoomed in picture! We were right there.

Hooray for staying young and having a good "couple" time together. Thanks to Mary for allowing us the luxury to get out! Anyway, back to the babies...

We went shopping today and since it is already a spectacle where people stop and talk to us about the twins, we decided to have a little fun with it. We raced past the Easter section, but Kendra stopped to play with the bunny ears. We put the ears on Easton and Layla and they loved wearing it.

I was excited the ears came in pink and blue. :) Then once we arrived with the groceries back at home, Layla decided to try and fit the entire cantaloupe in her mouth!

Let me assure you, there is no amount of teamwork that will make that attempted feat successful. I'm proud of her for trying though. She is fearless... Easton and Layla both say the word "hat" frequently and I decided to bring out a few of ours to play dress-up and kill some time. Layla is the most beautifully entertaining baby girl I could ever hope for.

Easton was more into reading his book than playing with hats so by the time I put the hat on Easton and took the picture, he was already trying to take the hat off and get back to his reading. :)

I dressed the twins today and noticed they both had green shirts and jean skirt/shorts. Being the cheesy father I am, I pulled out my green shirt from the closet and we were the green Webbs today.

Don't worry, I didn't wear my cowboy hat to the grocery store... that would be silly.

The subwoofer - One final story for a humorous way to start your work week. I had a 12 year old subwoofer attached to my home theater and a week ago as the volume was turned up, I heard what sounded like a blown speaker. After walking around the living room I zeroed in on my subwoofer and as I put my ear on the side of the wooden case, I could hear the "rattle, rattle" noise suggesting it had finally blown out.

If you know me then you know how much I love to research and the subwoofer was no exception. I spent a few hours reading and shopping online and at Best Buy. I decided on a particular model and found it on Craigslist for about 30% of the price it sells for in stores. Easton went with me and we bought the used subwoofer that day.

After a few hours of taking care of other higher priorities I went over to unhook my old subwoofer and give it a proper burial in our garbage can. When I picked it up to go out to the trash I heard something rattling inside even though it was powered off! Take another look at the picture above and notice how the port hole is perfectly round. I put my hand in the port hole and pulled out a tennis ball and a plastic ball. We had a good laugh about it and I proceeded out to the trashcan to throw the old, broken subwoofer away. I plugged in the new one and it sounds incredible.

Here comes the irony... We were telling the story to Mary and Kendra stopped mid sentence. We both looked at each other as if we just found out we were Punk'd! (Punk'd means, "the recipients of a practical joke" for you old folks). The rattle I heard in the subwoofer was NOT a busted speaker. It was the balls bouncing up and down inside as the speaker played the music!

I ran back out to the trash, dug out the subwoofer, and now I have two subwoofers thanks to Easton and Layla shoving balls in the port hole. Too bad we decided to teach them how to put items "in the box". Anyone want to buy a used subwoofer that smells like banana peel and pasta sauce?

See you soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 square feet

Hello friends and family,

The bad news is that Kendra already has to discipline the twins. I had hoped to make it all the way to two years, but apparently they are already making "choices" that have consequences. Layla purposefully smacked Easton today for the first time out of anger and mommy had to discipline. Yep, it's already time to start teaching right and wrong...

Other than that one downer and a little fever for Easton, everything is going very well. I've been chuckling about this picture for a couple of days so lets play a game of interpretation. Here's the picture:

There are several humorous aspects to the picture and I'll give my observation as the father of these two wonderful twins.

Let me dissect this picture for you... I notice how close they are to each other. We have a modest 1800 sq. ft. house, but for some reason Easton and Layla are ALWAYS right up against each other in the same 2 sq. ft. Why do we need a bigger house if they only occupy a small part of it at any given moment? The only time they are apart is in their cribs across the room from each other as they sleep.

Easton's smile is always contagious and every time he flashes his toothy grin I can't help but smile along with him. His laugh is usually more of a constrained chuckle and there's nothing that sets my mood straight faster than hearing him laugh.

Unfortunately, Kendra cut Easton's hair this week. I miss his mullet every time I see his bare neck. I liked his hair long! Oh well, lucky for me it'll grow back.

Layla has on a dress that is obviously too big and falling off her shoulder. Doesn't stop her one bit though! She could have her arms strapped down to her sides and still manage to get where she wants to go and have her way. Here's another picture of Layla wondering around in that dress. The pacifier has got to go by 18 months because you can't see her big smile behind that plastic thing!

The thing I like about this video clip is how it highlights Easton's funny constrained giggle. He holds his breath in and tries so hard not to laugh, but apparently the chicken is just too funny for him to resist.

and just for fun here's Layla in her new spring-friendly pajamas. They are thin, light weight and have snaps that keep the shirt tucked into the pants and hold her pants up because it's still quite a bit too big for her. :)

It's Friday once again so daddy can man the camera during our weekend adventures.

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WFMW version 1.0

I found the idea on other blogs called "Works For Me Wednesday" and I'll attempt to do this as a weekly thing. Consider it as my feeble attempt to pass along wisdom the 4 Webbs have gained and actually used to raise our twins. I'll get back to that in a bit, but for now i'll continue sharing from our adventures over the past weekend.

Easton and Layla were dressed up in their church clothes on Sunday morning and they both look like little people instead of babies more every day. Don't bother asking when Layla will get her ears pierced... Daddy is absolutely not ready to even begin thinking about that.

Layla is always excited to visit the church nursery. She wobbles over to the nursery ladies and makes friends with everyone around. However, Easton starts crying as soon as we walk into the church lobby. Then he continues to cry for the next hour through the service until we get our number flashing across the TV screens on the platform. During the last two weeks we figured out a strategy that seems to be working. We check-in Layla and keep Easton with us for the first 10-15 minutes of church. He digs the music... Once he gets a feel for the surroundings I go to the nursery and let him see inside where Layla is happily playing. Then i hand him over and he does fine for the whole morning! Some kids don't do well with transitions, but Easton appears to only have issues with going into the nursery. For all the other transitions throughout the week he does fine. Every day is new challenge so who knows what will be required next week?

Anyway, Sunday afternoon we were blessed to have our friend, Gene, spend a few hours with us. We went to Subway to eat and get duck bread. Then we took Gene out to our favorite park for another round of flying the kite, feeding the ducks, and swinging. Here's a picture of Gene hanging out with the twins as they snack on goldfish crackers:

When the 4 Webbs are together it is rare to have a third adult around to take a picture so I was thrilled to have Gene be the camera man for a moment. I'll have to dig through our pictures, but I can't remember the last time all 4 Webbs were in the same picture...

After feeding the ducks and doing our best to keep the twins from munching on the stale bread, we stopped by the swings for one last hoorah before heading home. I saw another picture somewhere with twins sitting back to back in a swing. If only I had a better camera or more skill to capture the moment with a clearer picture...

I'll try to fiddle with my camera and take this again next time because the picture that inspired this one turned out really well so I know it's possible.

OK, so now on to the new section called WFMW. One of the best purchases we made recently was the snack trap. You can see them in the picture above where the twins are sitting in front of Gene. Those plastic things they have are the snack holders. The top is a rubber trap that allows kids to put their hands into the cup and get snacks, but doesn't allow the contents to spill out if it is tipped over. The back seat of our car was covered with goldfish crackers and cheerios so Kendra hunted down these little jewels as a way to keep it clean.

What does it mean to be a stay-at-home mom? Having a child or two or more is something that can't be explained, it can only be experienced. However, one observation I have from watching Kendra is that "full time mom" is deceiving. There are part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and then there's being a stay-at-home mom. A part-time job is something you do on the side; A few hours here and there, maybe on the weekend. A full-time job is something you do 40 or 50 hours a week, but you still have certain hours you are on the clock and then when the whistle blows you can shut your brain off and concentrate on less important things like a favorite TV show or a hobby.

That is nothing like what I see Kendra doing. Her mind and focus is always on Easton and Layla. Every second of every day with no union breaks or paid vacation. Even at night she has some subconscious process running while she sleeps where her motherly radar actively listens for the slightest cough or cry coming from down the hall. I'm amazed at the sensitivity of her hearing. Almost daily she says, "did you hear that?" and my usual response is, "no, I have no idea what you're talking about". It turns out to be one of the twins moving or whimpering in their crib, but it certainly doesn't show up on my radar! This is why I'm more than happy for Kendra to play soccer or go shopping or see a movie. I'm looking forward to taking Kendra away for a day or even a few days so she can have some true down time. Since the time the twins were born until now (almost 14 months) she has never been away from them for more than a couple of hours. I call that more than a full-time job...

One of the many reasons I married Kendra is her mothering skills. I knew even back in our dating days she would be a great mom for our children. lucky me. :)

See you soon!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Outside entertainment

Hi everyone,

It's time once again for me to sort through a pile of pictures and memories. I'll do my best to piece together the past few days and our adventures, but no promises as to their chronological order.

We'll start back on Thursday when Kendra took the twins to the farm. Here they are in front of the donkey. You probably can't read the sign posted on the donkey stall next to Layla, but I thought it was referring to our twins. It says, "We are nice, but we can bite! Please be careful!"

and here's one other picture of Kendra feeding a big camel while the twins watch with amazement.

As you can see they had a blast with the other mommies and kids wondering through the farm. I hope that gives the "old MacDonald" song a new meaning for them.

On Friday and Sunday night Great Aunt Mary (GAM) came over to hang out with the 4 Webbs. They are starting to get more used to her all the time and now when she comes in they smile and head for the front door to greet her. There are only a handful of folks in our life who get such a warm greeting from the twins so we are glad for them to get to that level of comfortability. Here they are before bed time smiling as usual.

Layla has her pink cat pajamas and Easton has his blue dog pajamas. Apparently somewhere it is a written rule that cats are for girls and dogs are for boys... I wonder where that came from?

We went to the park a couple of times because this weekend we finally had a breeze strong enough to keep our kite up in the air. As you can imagine, it flew much better when Layla wasn't sitting on it...

Once mommy had it airborne, Layla ran over to help hold the string.

Easton and I just hung out in the grass and watched Kendra run around trying to keep it airborne and Layla chasing her around.

I've tried to put my hat on Easton's head several times in the past, but it fell down over his face when he moved. My engineering mind thought of a solution... Why not use his hat to prop up mine? Viola! You can see his hat under mine and it made Easton feel like a big boy to wear daddy's hat.

Then we went to our friend's house for an evening BBQ with other couples with babies. Here is what dinner looks like when 4 families with babies get together. Our twins are the two on the far left:

Later that evening a child (who will remain nameless) found the pitcher of lemonade and dunked their whole arm into it. The mothers were inside so only the fathers witnessed the humorous scene. All of us just shrugged our shoulders and agreed it shouldn't be thrown out because we'll all still drink it! If someone who had never been a parent saw that, their reaction would have been very different. The 4 Webbs had an excellent time at the BBQ and I told Kendra I would happily do that EVERY Saturday night if it were possible.

Easton hugged the beach ball and tried to bite it a few times. Ignore the scratch on his forehead... Edward Scissorhands is at it again. Time to cut those finger nails.

Layla kicked the beach ball. She's getting really good at kicking a ball around and will do it on command. Kendra's starting early with her to be a great soccer player.

Have you ever heard of a "water table"? No, not the torturous water boarding... It's a plastic tub on stilts with water and squirt toys in it.

or as I call it, the "automatic kid washer". Easton was soaked to the bone after splashing around so we took his shirt off to dry and let him wonder around like a muscle man.

Easton is learning new words every week and never ceases to amaze us. At some point his vocabulary will be so large we can't keep up, but for now he has these words down:

cracker, light, apple, duck, car, clock, momma, dada, airplane, dog, up

I better stop here for the night so I have something to write about tomorrow. :) Today held it's own adventures of success at the church nursery and another trip to the park for more kite, duck, swing routine to wear them out.

See you soon!

Friday, March 20, 2009

WWF cage match

Good afternoon friends and family,

Sometimes after the nightly bath for the twins, Kendra puts both babies in one of the cribs just for fun. This experience is only something parents of multiples get to share in because a single baby doesn't have a built-in play partner like multiples do. The video clip is not extremely exciting, but gives a good view into how twins interact in such a playful manner. They wrestle in the crib like a WWF cage match where wrestlers are trapped in a fight for survival! The difference is, instead of screaming and beatings in WWF we get laughs and giggles at our house. Here are Easton and Layla in their version of such an event.

Kendra took the twins to a farm on Thursday along with her mommy friends. I'll upload some pictures of the event when we get them from Danielle, who took the pictures with her camera. I'll contact her to beg for pictures through email. :)

The reason Kendra didn't have the camera is because I took it with me to martial arts class. I tested for and earned my red belt! The next step is black belt (queue the cheesy kung-fu music). Oh yes... I will be a black belt. :) It's taken me 18 months and countless hours of training to reach this level and I'm looking forward to continuing the journey. The guy in the picture with me is my master instructor, Jeff, who I deeply admire and respect. We share the same beliefs and values and he challenges me spiritually as much as he does physically.

There is even a movie called red belt that came out last year and I watched it recently just for fun. It's not on my top 10 movies ever, but just shows how monumental the achievement is... It's important enough to make a movie about it. So what does that mean now that I'm a red belt? It means in any given situation, I know enough about fighting to get beat up!

The weekend is coming, so expect a new barrage of baby pics since I'll have the camera AND be hanging out with Easton and Layla much more than what happens during the week days.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muy Inteligente

Hello friends and family,

After just "getting by" with a few different outfits for Easton and Layla, the blessings from Judson and Heidi (crates full of clothes with various sizes) is the gift that keeps on giving. You'll see the twins wearing a different outfit every day for a while.

Today I came home to Layla wondering around carrying her stuffed football, which I'm sure makes Kendra's father, the former football coach, very proud!

She looks so girly with the pretty dress and so rugged carrying the football. This is the beginning of her well-rounded nature, right?

As for Easton, he was wondering around carrying his stuffed chicken finger puppet.

When the two of them passed each other, a very common thing happened. Layla decides what Easton has is more desirable than what she has (even if they have the exact same duplicate item) so she attempts to take his.

Sometimes Easton is able to hold on by turning his body away from Layla or walking away as quick as his little legs will go. Other times Layla snatches the item from his hands and crying insues. Luckily we were able to distract Layla with promises of sitting in her rocking chair and we ended up with two content kids.

Whew! Do that about 100 times in a row and that's a glimpse into Kendra's day.

The twins are both doing really well developmentally and the title is Spanish for very intelligent. Easton is saying more words every day and just blows us away with his verbal skills. Every airplane (and I mean every one) that comes within earshot or line of sight automatically sends Easton into a repetitive loop where he says, "arpa, arpa, arpa!", which is his word for airplane. Layla is continuing with sign language and has added a few more words to her vocabulary as well. Nothing Spanish yet though... Kendra and I both took Spanish in high school and college. We decided long before having the twins that we would teach English and Spanish to our kids so they will have better odds of bi-lingual abilities.

Don't get me wrong, I DESPISE pressing 1 for English! Every legal resident in the U.S. should speak English and every illegal resident should go back to their own country... forcefully... However, the realities are that Spanish is going to spoken in the U.S. and I can't change it. Instead, Kendra and I agree with the old saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em". So that's what the 4 Webbs are going to do. We have Rosetta Stone and plan to continue integrating Spanish words into every day life as much as possible.

I have a very funny video clip of Easton and Layla wondering around the in the bath room screaming their heads off as the bath tub fills for their nightly bath. But, I've already uploaded a few of those clips before and I'll wait for more interesting video-taped adventures. :)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ostrich is tasty

Hi folks,

Today the 4 Webbs packed up and joined in the mob of people who attended the annual Ostrich Festival. I was blown away by the size of the festival, the number of people who crowded into the park, and the variety of cool things to see and do. My expectations were really low because I've attended so many fairs and festivals in the past where entertainment was nil. I can't believe I've been here over 13 years and never attended this city-wide event. The one thing I absolutely DID expect was to eat an ostrich burger. Here is Easton and I sitting in the shade chowing on a genuine ostrich burger. yummmmmm... Easton is still intrigued by the beads so here he is once again sporting his Mr. T. starter kit.

Don't knock it until you try it. Tastes great and much healthier than beef. Here's my best friend, Judson, walking along side his daughter as she rode the pony.

I'm really looking forward to next year when Layla will be old enough to ride the pony herself! There wasn't much to do for 1-year-olds except watch people and pet animals at the petting zoo. So that's what we did! Easton and Layla loved petting the animals and feeling the various textures of their skin. Everything from Emu to zebras to this thing... whatever it is.

Layla grabbed its horn at one point and I'm very grateful the animals are tame because she was determined to hang on for 8 seconds like a rodeo cowboy.

We missed the demolition derby, pig races, and ostrich riding because our timing was off. I think we have the hang of it now and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Happy Monday to you!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All join in

Happy weekend everyone,

The 4 Webbs recently discovered the joy of copying each other so now we all join in the fun.
Mommy sings a princess melody then Layla sings a princess melody. Daddy buzzes like a fly, then Easton buzzes like a fly. Easton and Layla scream in the tub while clapping, then Mommy and daddy scream and clap along with them. This new found entertainment lasts all day long. Easton has a puzzle block in his mouth and growls like a bear, so daddy does the same, which causes all of the 4 Webbs to giggle and snort.

Layla's first word besides Mama and Dada (more like dadadadadadadaaaaaa) is:

drumroll please...


After nearly 14 months on earth, the great and wonderful Layla finally attempts verbal communication and her first word is, "cracker", which sounds more like Ka-Ka. Kendra and a I looked at each other with amazement and Easton looked at Layla as if to say, "way to go sister! Now we can harass Mom and Dad in stereo until they give us a cracker!"

Kendra regularly encourages costume fun with the twins. Hats are always a big hit. She says, "hat on daddy" and puts the hat on my head, then says, "hat on Layla" and puts the hat on her head. Layla was running around the living room like greased lightning because she was so excited to be the designated hat-wearer of the moment. Layla sure has a way of expressing herself even WITHOUT words like cracker...

This may be my favorite picture of Layla ever because I finally captured the exuberance and intensity she shows on a daily basis.

Tonight daddy is jamming to FLAC files of DJ Tiesto's new album, In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia. The babies are in bed so I have to rock out with headphones only. This music is defined as "house" music, which has no words therefore it can't be Satanic. It's just really good music. Do you remember the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing? The music in the background is called the "Parade of Athletes" and guess who is the DJ? If you guessed DJ Tiesto you would be right.

Anyway, back to babies... Easton decided to smear Kendra's homemade strawberry jelly all over his head for unknown reasons. Kendra decided to make the most of it and see what our little monkey would look like with a mohawk. Viola...

I may start using gel to do his hair like that every day. :) For this next picture I'll let you see it first and try pick out why Kendra and I feel neither Easton nor Layla are qualified to be parents of their own yet.

Can you spot the anomaly? If not look again at the baby stroller and notice where the baby is located... The baby is hanging by her water bottle, which is attached to her wrist with a string! What kind of parents would hand their baby out of the stroller by a string! Oh well, luckily we have 18 years to teach them how to be good parents. with the exception of the dolly hanging by a string, you can see Easton and Layla are smiling as usual. We were playing our new favorite game of chase around the island.

See you soon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Diaper box

Hi friends and family,

Welcome to the middle of the week! Some of you can't wait for it to be over and the weekend to get here. And others, like me, wish there were more days in the week because work is so busy. Either way, it is what it is and at some point you accept that you can't change the number of days in the week... even with Daylight Saving Time.

Easton and Layla decided to ditch the old, worn out Costco box and traded up a model to the diaper box. Not only does it seat two

I started to use the Costco box, but took a corner too sharp and Layla rolled out onto the carpet. The diaper box seemed like a good way to prevent that kind of thing so now we're making the best of it until the sides bust out. It doubles as a bulky weight for our power lifting baby, Layla.

Just look at her concentration and strength! She carried the box all over the house and neither of us can figure out why. At one point she was holding it up over her head and attempting to walk at the same time.

As for Easton, his formula for contentment at night is fairly simple:

Thumb + Nunu blanket + Daddy = Sleepy time.

Dustin and Michaela commented on the beads Easton is wearing a few of the pictures so here's the story behind them. Kendra went to Old Navy to shop for baby shoes and she spotted the beads for $1. Usually she finds a toy in the store (or anything that keeps the attention of the twins) and lets them play with it as she shops around. If it's cheap enough and proves to be entertaining for the either baby then she buys it! If it ends up on the floor of the store or thrown at a unsuspecting customer, then she doesn't buy it. Layla is only interested in the beads as a weapon when she swings it around, so we had to take hers away. :) However, Easton loves to wear 'em and inspect each and every bead.

Also, he'll be well equipped if he ever goes to Mardi Gras. Easton is ready to parrrrty! just kidding, mom...

I've decided to do a weekly product review and will probably start that on Monday. I randomly throw in a thought or two on some of our baby related purchases, but a more formal regularity of the reviews is definitely in order. In case you haven't noticed I'm a big fan of informed consuming and the only thing worse than no information is bad information. Don't worry, I'll save you the trouble of doing all the research and experiencing "buy then return" cycles. After all... If it's good enough for Easton and Layla, then it's got to be the best. This idea falls under what my cousin calls, WFM (Works For Me) on her blog.

good night everyone. Enjoy this rare moment of motionless Layla

See you soon.