Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Has anyone seen my bed?

I miss my bed. If you see one that looks like this with a black kitty, messed up sheets, and lonely pillows, please let me know because I seem to have misplaced where it went... Seriously, last night went really well and we are all happier campers today. The twins are WELL fed, thanks to Kendra. Apparently the trick to all of this was more feeding and more burping for the babies. Kendra ended up with a few hours in a row of sleep, which is much better than the one hour cat naps she's had for the past 5 days.

This morning I looked over the 270+ pictures I've taken in the past week and realized I don't have a good one of Kendra and the twins. We'll work on that this afternoon and post it tonight. By tonight I mean any time after dark, not necessarily before most of you doze off during the weather update of your local news at 10:17 PM. :)

Kendra says that skin-to-skin contact with the babies is good so I spent a good half-hour with Layla Rae resting on me while we watched Star Wars III together. Well, I watched and she stared at my face the whole time her eyes were open. I sure wish I knew what either of the twins are thinking when they are staring like that! kinda makes me self conscious...

Layla has been extremely happy and alert considering how unhappy she was during the first couple of days at home. Her long, skinny legs are always crossed when she's not bundled up or constrained when we swaddle her. Kendra says that she does that because that is the way she was in the womb. I say it's because she is lady-like already. :) Here's a view of her peacefully sleeping on my lap:

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