Friday, February 8, 2008

I miss my family!

Here's a close up of Layla Rae that shows how she already looks so much like Kendra.

Tonight Kendra and Grandma Burgess are staying at the hospital together and I'll be at Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave's getting a full night's sleep! I'm looking forward to sleeping, but I miss my wife and kids already. i called Kendra three times tonight to say hello and check up on everyone because i feel like i'm missing out on spending time staring at the babies while they sleep. It's not like I expect to miss their first words or anything, but hey, you NEVER know. I hope Easton Troy doesn't expect to drive home from the hospital on Sunday. Ah, they grow up SO fast. :)

We had fun tonight going out for Mexican and then taking a walk around the neighborhood to walk off the refried beans. The grandpa's and I played several games of pool at our house. They "let" me win since i'm the new dad. yeah, right!

Here's one final picture I took of Kendra and Layla before leaving the hospital this afternoon. How sweet to see them looking at each other...

I'll post again Saturday afternoon around 4:00 or so with the generational pictures (Grandma Burgess, Kendra, Layla) and one my sister, Joanie pointed out as a good photo opportunity: Me giving Layla Rae a soft kiss on the cheek. Good night everyone.


markncoleen said...

Congratulation Bronson & Kendra. The twins are incredible. We can not wait to meet them.

Mark, Coleen, Abby & Rowan

Great Aunt Mary said...

Another photo moment. I know what you felt Kendra, I have one of me looking at Karen the same way.
What joy and love that fills your heart with your very own little girl.