Friday, February 8, 2008

First Webb Family Portrait

Happy Friday to everyone,

Here's the first of many Webb family portraits and you obviously see where the babies get there good looks... :)

I left Kendra and her Mom at the hospital with the twins for the evening. Grandma Burgess will be spending the night at the hospital while I recharge my batteries. Yesterday wiped me OUT! Nothing like the most important day of my life followed by 4 partial hours of sleep to turn me into a zombie. Guess I have another 5 or 6.... years... of the sleep deprivation, but I'm looking forward to every day of it.

I've heard some requests for both babies with no hats, so here you go! These are THE two most perfect babies in the world and there's nothing you can do or say to change my mind. :)
Deep thoughts by Bronson: I admit it... I've been selfish for a long time. even after marrying someone as giving and loving as Kendra, it was difficult and took a lot of years to learn what compromise is and how to sacrifice. BUT, this is crazy. the second those two babies were in my arms, my desires disappeared like a wallet on a subway seat in New York City. Nothing has mattered since that moment except Kendra's well-being and giving those two babies everything I have and everything I am. If you have kids, then you know what I mean. If not, at least you get an idea of how special and life changing the moment can be.

OK, enough about me, here's the latest on kendra and babies:

Kendra is eating again like normal and still her smiley, cheery self. She still has an IV, giving her fluids, but no other wires or monitors attached anymore! She's really tired, but comforted knowing our parents are here. Kendra loaded up her iPod with her favorite music and i brought some tiny speakers so she and the twins can enjoy some music during the awake hours. Her selections include "My girl", Amy Grant, and tons of WOW Worship.

Here's a picture of Grandpa Webb doing "laps" around the maternity area with Kendra so she can circulate and recover from the surgery:

Layla Rae had her first bath this afternoon and is happy, strong-willed, and a little stubborn like mommy.
OK, time for me to get some dinner and have a relaxing evening with my parents and Grandpa Burgess while Kendra and Ginny tend to the twins.

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Great Aunt Mary said...

Kendra and Bronson you both are going to do really well as parents, we love you both so very much.