Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm in Love with my babies

This is a LONG post, but it's been a super day and I have lots to share! The grandparents took a break from the hospital today and went shopping, to the golf driving range, and to dinner together. I'm so glad they were able to spend time and enjoy each other. Here are both sets of grandparents and you can see how my boy and girl will be 25% of each one of them.

Sorry for the lack of updates today, but I got a call from Kendra at 6:00 AM this morning requesting my assitance and have been sharing time with her and the twins all day long.

Kendra is even more tired than yesterday, but doing an excellent job of keeping the twins feeding and happy. I'm so proud of how strong she is proving to be under such pressure. Note who is listed as the NURSING ASSISTANT on the white board!

Layla Rae (henceforth known as PEANUT) made a place in my heart right next to Kendra and Easton just by sleeping on my chest like an angel. She was a little fussy so I took her shirt off and my shirt off just to feel her baby-soft skin against mine. I was humming and singing Tracy Chapman and The Fray (note the iPod ear phones) and she slept on me like this for 40 minutes. After her ears grew tired of my KARAOKE, mommy lured her away with promises of dinner.
Changing Easton Troy is a THREE person job. Not sure how many it will take to change BOTH twins at the same time, but i think it is exponentially more... I actually stopped helping Grandma and Grandpa Burgess in the middle of his change just to take the picture. :)

I have to send BIG thanks to Judy and Roger who came to visit us today. We were both so glad they were able to make it by the hospital. Judy is Kendra's mentor and has transformed our marriage and Kendra's life over the past year. It was DIVINE intervention how they met and if you ever need proof there is a God, ask Kendra about Judy and she'll tell you the incredible story about how she came into our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Judy. I am so glad you gave of yourself an your time.

Good night everyone. Hopefully, we will be bringing my lovely wife, superman, and peanut home with us!


MaryKenley said...

Layla and E.T. How fortunate you are to have 2 sets of the greatest grandparents you could ever hope for. They are wise and will love LOVE you through this journey of life.

Layla what a photo moment with your daddy.

Great Aunt Mary Kenley

Great Aunt Mary said...

Layla and E.T. You are so fortunate to have 2 sets of the greatest grandparents you could ever hope to have. They are very wise so ask for their advice then listen. They will love LOVE you through you journey. I will do my job as Great Aunt also.
We love you, Great Aunt Mary and Great Uncle Dave.

Great Aunt Mary said...

A photo moment, you sleeping on daddy’s chest, it’s the safest place you’ll ever be sweetheart.