Monday, March 3, 2008

Seeing snow

Greetings friends and family,

I'm in Chicago for a conference related to work and can't wait to get home already! Kendra and Oma are holding down the fort and Kendra has a cold (yeah, i know it's 78 degrees in Phoenix and having a "cold" sounds odd). Bless poor little Oma who is caring for Layla and Easton while the vagrant father (me) wanders the country and the ill mother (Kendra) sleeps the day away hopped up on Tylenol.

I'll be back in home in a couple of days to hear what I missed with high hopes that the camera has not been neglected in my absence. It was clear when I left that no one else knows how to get pictures from the camera to the blog, so I apologize for the lack of illustrations this week. I begged them to at least blog without the pictures, but it sounds like things might be too hectic and tiring around the Webb house for them to have time to contribute here.

I may try to post some of the photos I've taken while here in Chicago, but that's not really what you came to visit this blog for though, is it!?

Give Kendra some love and support by phone if you get a chance because I know she could use it to lift her spirits and get over the sickness sooner. :)

Have a great Monday

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