Friday, March 21, 2008

Layla's dance

Well, the party at the Webb house is almost over now that GG, Opa, and Oma are leaving to drive back to California tomorrow. Having the three of them around was tons of fun and I know the twins enjoyed their love and interest. None of us, including Nana, are ready for them to leave, but i'm sure we'll see them back again soon. Hopefully sooner than June (hint, hint).

Kendra amused us today by turning a ho-hum burp session with Layla into her own little dance. I decided that was just too funny to be captured in still photos so here it is in video:

Our little girl kitty, Sugar, is dainty and sweet. For some reason though she feels the need to ignore the fresh bowl of filtered water we have for the kitties and instead drinks from the bath tub, the pool, and even the toilet if we forget to put the lid down. Not that this has anything to do with the twins, but the kitties will be considered "theirs" once Layla or Easton is old enough to say, "mine!" I caught her outside drinking from pool, which she considers her personal water bowl.

We grilled BBQ chicken and had dinner on the back porch again this evening to enjoy what Kendra called "the last supper" because her parents and GG are leaving. :( I'll close the blog (and go to bed) with one of the best Burgess pictures with the twins. I am completely happy they are the grandparents of our babies and look forward to having them be a part of Layla and Easton's life in a meaningful way. Their presence and help will be desperately missed!

Good night and have a great weekend.


Esther said...

Layla's dance makes me laugh, I swear I watch it like 3 times a day! Plus I miss hearing Kendra's laugh at work so I enjoy that too.

The Four Webbs said...

Hey Esther,

Thanks for the comment and we're happy to know you get some chuckles from the video. Kendra's laugh is certainly contagious so we hope Layla follows in her footsteps.