Friday, March 14, 2008

Oma and Nana BOTH at our house?

It's a dream come true. Kendra's mom and my mom will both be here at our house at the same time! I'm excited because our twins are more than enough of a hand full for three of us so there is plenty of work to go around. But wait... It gets even better. Kendra's Mom AND Dad AND Great Grandma Ellie will all three be here tomorrow night! They are on spring break and decided at the last minute to drive down and spend some time with us. Since Aunt Mary will be in Oklahoma with her grand babies for the next week or so, she agreed to let us use some of the bed rooms in her house so that no one has to sleep on the couch or the floor in ours.

Today was a good day for all of us including the twins. I spent the day at work and finally made it to my men's study group lunch that happens every Friday. It was great to reconnect with them and share with each other about the past few weeks. Then I came home to Kendra trying on her bathing suits and old pants from high school just to see how they fit and enjoy how she looks in them. It was fairly distracting to be on the phone with the Honda dealership and have her parading around the house in a bikini. :)

Kendra and Nana took the twins out shopping for a short trip to the mall and Kendra took Layla by herself to work so her coworkers could say hello and see our tiny daughter. I ended up taking a short video clip of her playing on her mat. We've decided that Layla is focused on working her legs while Easton is focused on working his arms. She kicks and kicks non-stop and he waves his arms like a chicken (especially when he is picked up).

And here's one cute picture showing the incredible flexibility Easton has when it comes to where he can sleep. I'm convinced we could hang him upside down in a hurricane and he'd sleep right through it if he was tired.

Nana made us all dinner (hooray for meatloaf!) and we watched "Stranger than Fiction" and "What about Bob". The latter being one of our personal favorites of all times. That may have been Bill Murray's last humorous film.

Time for bed once again and I HOPE to get a couple of three-hour chunks of sleep tonight as well as sleep in for Saturday morning (yeah, right). I'll add the video of Layla playing on the mat tomorrow since she just started trying to make noises with her mouth recently.

Good night all.

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