Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kendra looks FAB

Good evening all,

I'm finally posting and commenting on Kendra's "one month after twins" picture because I had to take the time to create a comparison photo. Can you guess which one is the before pregnancy and which is after??? That's easy! The one on the left is the AFTER picture and you can tell because she looks even better than before she was pregnant.
I'm not sure how she will handle keeping the twins fed and running around chasing them all day long, but she'll need to increase her calorie count for sure. Nana and I continually try to get her to eat more since Layla and Easton are such a drain on her. no pun intended. Anyway, she has a hard time believing how good she looks so join in my daily confirmation by telling her yourself via email or comment or phone call.

There are always so many funny and interesting kodak moments throughout the day. It's hard to choose what to blog about. Kendra and I have a point-0f-contintion right now between us that if focused on pacifiers. We have a whole BAG of unopened pacifiers in the nusery, but for some reason we have one open for Layla and one open for Easton. So at 3:00 AM I'm stuck scouring the house looking for the lone pacifier to save the night for one of the babies. I frustrate her (and i'm trying to do it less) by sarcastically mumbling with my eyes half shut, "sure wish we had a FEW more pacifiers around so I wouldn't have to feel like Sherlock Holmes every night trying to back track where it is located."

Seriously, it's like the board game "Clue" e-v-e-r-y night... OK, Professor Plum had the pacifier in the Library just before tea time, so that must mean Mrs. Peacock has it now in the Study! To make a short story long, my sarcasm about the pacifiers is NOT well received by Kendra at any time during the day, and especially not at 3:00 AM. By the way, I didn't even know there WAS a 3:00 AM until the twins arrived. Kendra and I are able to laugh at ourselves and not take things too personally.

We went to our small group study tonight with Easton and left Nana at home with Layla. They seem to have survived fine and it was a nice break for the two of us... I mean three of us (including Easton) to get out of the house and interact with friends. It was a good day for everyone and we are SOOOO happy tomorrow is Friday. not so we can go out swing dancing or to the movies or any of the things we used to enjoy doing as a couple, but because we can spend time as a family with Nana and enjoy some simple things like taking a walk and going to bed early.

I've decided that satisfaction as a family is: Enjoying the mundane together. I figure if we continue to do this successfully and remain fulfilled and happy with our relationship, then we're doing just fine. :)

Good night all

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