Sunday, March 16, 2008

The gang is all here

Along with the Webbs, we have my mom, Kendra's mom and dad and Kendra's grandmother. We're having a great time together and we welcome the help and love everyone brings to the house. Last night was an early-to-bed evening since we were all tired from travelling or caring for the twins. This morning we all went to church for the first time since the twins arrived and the outing was very smooth. Kendra held Layla in a sling and I held Easton in a sling so we didn't have to mess with strollers or car seats. I wanted a picture of that, but we weren't able to get one. However, we did get several others that are blog-worthy.

Let's start with the picture of Oma and Opa Burgess. They walked in the door after a 13 hour drive from CA and went straight for the twins after a brief "hello" to the rest of us. Can't blame them though!

Later that evening as Opa Burgess was holding Layla, it was a funny sight to see his enormous hands gently holding her tiny body.

This morning after we came home from church I wanted to get a picture of us dressed up since it doesn't happen often any more.

And last but not least, during nap time for everyone young and old alike, Oma Burgess and GG captured the general feel of the house by dozing off with the twins on the couch. Their facial expressions are exactly the same... OUT like a light.

We're making breakfast for dinner (Kendra's idea) and we'll finish the evening with Baskin Robbins and some girly movie the women want to see. :) It really is pleasant having everyone around and I'm glad it worked out for us to spend time together like this.

Tomorrow is Kendra's doctor appointment to see if she gets the "green light" to start exercising, hot-tubbing, and getting back to normal for her activity level.

Good night all.

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