Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chicago artwork and sleepy boys

Good evening all,

I don't have a lot of time tonight for text since I'm trying to finish work, feed Layla, pack my suitcase, and maybe sleep a little before my 6:00 AM wake up for the departure to Oklahoma tomorrow morning. I'm so glad this week is almost over.

Did you catch the "gap" in grandma watch from the last post I did? If not, Kendra will be alone with Layla and Easton on Saturday night since Oma is leaving Saturday and Nana is arriving on Sunday. Kendra asked our neighbor, Leigh Anne and her daughter Victoria to come over for the evening and they said, "yes!" I'm relieved for Kendra because the evenings are too busy for her to manage by herself. Having them over will also give Kendra a chance to get to know them better, which is a great opportunity since they are such a great family.

Anyway, during my trip to Chicago I found lots of interesting "art" on the streets and this thing in the middle of the park looks like the worlds largest solidified drop of Mercury and I found it very interesting:
And this is a special picture Oma took of Easton and I while we slept. It is special because the bed we are in is the hospital bed that was up against uncle Dave's bed where he had passed away only 8 hours prior to this picture. it was somehow comforting for Easton and I to lay there so close to where Dave spent the last several years of his life.
Please keep me in your thoughts over the next few days as I travel to see Dave one last time and stumble down this dark pathway called the grieving process.

I'll post again when I return on Sunday night from my travels and will do my best to encourage Kendra to share some more on here as well. :)

Good night.

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