Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I can't resist the chance to post these pics

The rest of the fam is currently watching "Dan in Real Life" so I wanted to do a bit of my own editorial as I listen to Sondre Lerche (artists who created the soundtrack for Dan in Real Life)

Kendra is absolutely the most interesting part of our household and I am more thankful every day that she chose to be in my life. Without her I would be as boring as a chess match in a nursing home. She is funny, silly, happy, carefree and a hundred other similar adjectives. To illustrate my point I compiled a pictorial portfolio with a small fraction of the creative and cute things Kendra has done on camera since I've known her. By the way, she was actually written up at work last year for being "too happy". that's right... TOO happy...

There have been low points in our marriage where I was the lone rain cloud in her sunny world and for that I am truly sorry. In the spirit of all things "twins" related (because this is THEIR blog), I was poopy at times. Brighter days are ahead and we've grown closer through her pregnancy and the addition of Layla and Easton into our world. I hear that isn't always the case with couples when babies are introduced, but somehow it's working for us.
I hope you smile for a few moments while viewing the pictures of her beautiful face and you'll get a tiny taste of what I get to come home to every single day. You should click on the pictures to see the full sized images to save your eye sight instead of plastering your face against the computer monitor.

Presenting Kendra in real life:

We loaded up the car with everyone except Kendra and went to the park to hang out by the pond and go for a walk. Kendra was able to be by herself for an hour or so and she REALLY needed to sleep and have some quiet, alone time. The Honda Pilot is coming in handy to transport all of us and we look like clowns coming out of tiny car in a circus since there are so many of us...
I'll leave you this evening with one of my recent favorites from this week of Easton and I in our backyard. He's wrapped up burrito style and has that "I'm dreaming of pancakes and sausage" look. I'm growing out my rock-star beard (that's what Kendra calls it) because Kendra asked me to. Since I'm not the one who has to look at my face every day, I usually agree to whatever degree of facial hair she requests...

Good night all.

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