Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nana Webb's first blog... ever.

I’m sitting at a maze of computer paraphernalia and I hope this tech challenged Nana can get my two cents written. We are all learning and growing in this life if we are functioning at all—warm, breathing, etc. I was able to listen in on the lactation consultant’s advice to Kendra and learned quite a lot. The adjustment to parenthood is ever one of the most challenging learning and growing times of a parent’s journey. Bronson and Kendra are taking their new chapter of nurturing the twins so very serious as did Phil and I upon the arrival of our first born. Since this is just my first day at their abode, we are trying to work out the logistics and schedule(?) for all five of us.
Meanwhile back at the ranch and a few days later—baby care, house and food fixin’ and a trip to get groceries and a special dinner with just Bronson and me—I will attempt to finish this memory-making update. The little ones are quite demanding but not overly so and just being here with the Bronson-Kendra family is a special treat for me. I’m enjoying the change of weather from 30’s and 40’s to the 70 and 80’s - ooh does the sun feel so good and warm! My body is starting to talk to me-some fibro pain but this will pass. I’m anxious for my sis-in-law to come back to Phoenix so that we can have some good visit/sharing times.
With God’s help, I hope to be a blessing to her and this household. Kendra is being a number one mommy and we get along well-what a team! Of course it would be great if they lived in Missouri closer to us but we make do with what situation is before us. Pray for my poor, lonely husband who is learning about keeping the house and such up, solo. I miss him and the Brown family lots. That’s enough for now, besides I hear the little ones starting to grunt, groan, squeak for attention.

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