Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reclaiming the bed

Happy hump day everyone,

For the past 6 weeks our king size bed has been noticeably sardine-like. The babies slept between us on their little foam incline beds with foam bumpers to keep them from rolling around. Kendra and I sleep on the two edges and Kendra would sit up with her double nursing pillow and feed them every few hours.

Every night since we've been married I slide my foot over to her side and rub her foot before saying, "good night". For the past few weeks I've had to really stretch my leg across the bed and try not to wake up the babies. I'm happy to say we made it through some stage of the newborn process and now both babies sleep next to Kendra in their pack-n-play crib. Our bed finally feels spacious again and we can actually cuddle and sleep close together.

Aunti Mary came by yesterday afternoon and spent some time chatting with us and holding the twins. It was good to have her back in town and help is always welcomed at our house!
I'm overwhelmed with work today so I can't post much, but expect this afternoon things might slow down enough to take a short break and add some content. Here are a couple of good pics of our growing babies. Layla loves bath time and Easton has a little scratch on his nose from his own hands flailing around.

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