Friday, March 28, 2008

Paul Potts LIVE???

Guess who saw Paul Potts live in concert last nitght... me.

For all the long hours and help my mom has been over the past few weeks I decided to surprise her with 3rd row seats to hear Paul Potts live with his traveling orchestra and The Three Graces on their North American Tour. They stopped by Arizona for a one-night sold-out engagement and I was lucky enough to get last minute cancellation seats. In case you don't know, Paul Potts won "Britain's got talent" (think American Idol with better accents) where he stunned Simon Cowell with his first performance and ended up winning the whole thing. Here's a view from our seats at the end of the performance:

Anyway, we had a great time going on a mother-son dress up "date" with dinner and a once-in-a-lifetime concert. After one of most incredible performances of Ave Maria I've ever heard I asked Mom, "So what do you think?" Her comment -- "I wish he sang more songs in English." Is that awesome or what? Here's picture we took outside of the arts center during intermission:

Kendra was really bummed that she didn't get to go with us, but I appreciate her staying with the babies so Mom and I could have such a great bonding experience together. Especially since Mom is going home tomorrow! Kendra and I are scared stiff about being without help for the first time since the babies arrived 7 weeks ago. We have loved every minute of having our parents/in-laws at our house. I have absolutely no idea how a couple manages fresh-from-the-hospital twins without help live-in help. To make a short story long, we are sad to see her go... :(

OK, now for updates on the babies. One of the two usually sleeps 4 hours in a row at night and we have to celebrate the small victories around here. Layla woke up yesterday and Nana noticed she reached a new level of awareness with her eyes. She was looking all around making baby noises as if she was commenting on all of the new things she is experiencing. Easton's rash is getting a little better so it appears the socks on his hands and keeping a cloth between his face and our clothes is helping. They tend to have fussy times in the evening and at one point Nana held Easton and Kendra help Layla while I was sitting in the middle. When they both started to grunt and fuss, it was in stereo. Too bad we didn't have quadruplets or I could get the full effect with surround sound. :) Overall, the twins are doing great with growing, eating, sleeping a little more, and smiling once in a while! They are really well behaved and love to go places. Here's a picture of them getting ready for an outing and waiting patiently for us to get the kitchen sink in Kendra's purse because we seem to take everything in our house when we take the twins out...

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