Sunday, March 30, 2008

caught them sleeping

The Webb household is officially flying solo without the help any family. Layla and Easton were born 7 weeks ago and we've been so blessed to have at least one other family member in our house every single day so far. People ask me often how well I'm "surviving" with in-laws and grandma and parents around so much. I tell them, "We have a great time together and I'm counting down the days for any or all of them to return again!" Kendra and I get along with each other's family so well that having them around is fun and enjoyable every time, all the time.

My sister, Joanie, has agreed to come out for a little while next month and we're both excited to see her. Especially me since this will be Joanie's first visit to spend time here in AZ since I moved away from Missouri 11 years ago. Before Nana left to fly home yesterday, I took one final picture that turned out well of her with Layla and Easton. 99% of the pictures with Layla have at least one hand over her face, so this is no exception. Easton has his usual happy grin as he looked up at Nana. The 4 of us miss you already!

It's hard to believe, but i finally captured a good pic of both babies individually while they sleep. I had to do it at different times during the day. It would be WAY too easy if both of them slept at the same time (sigh). Don't expect a picture any time soon showing both of them in the same photo looking this angelic. Layla is extremely chatty and has her fists clutched tightly every second of the day that she is not sleeping and most of the time when she IS sleeping. She's just so excited to be awake and hates to go to sleep because she doesn't want to miss anything. When I hold her, I usually softly sing, "little lovely Layla" over and over. If THIS sweet picture doesn't get a comment or two, I'll start t wonder if anyone is viewing the blog anymore. :)

Easton on the other hand is calm and cool except for the occasional, "I'm hungry!" cry. He spent a good hour facing outward as he sat against my chest while we watched NCAA basketball this afternoon and never made a peep. Although he did smile a few times, which makes mommy happy to see from across the room. I've started to call him, "hot rod" consistently as a nickname for some reason.

Our big excitement for the day was a trip to church and a trip to Costco. I know, that sounds really lame to say that is "excitement", but for the next few months (or years) that's as much as we can handle for one day! Kendra pointed out a huge tent in Costco and I said, "yeah, we'll buy one of those in 3 years when we can actually go camping again... or do anything outside of a 3 mile radius of our house!" Luckily, the twins are plenty of entertainment for us and we could stare at them as they lay on their mat for many hour. :)

Hope you had a great weekend and we (especially Kendra) will welcome your phone calls this next week as we face it alone without any help at home. We have each other and know we'll make it just fine, but the mountain in front of us is kind of big right now. I have to remind myself of the old adage: How do you eat an elephant??? One bite at a time...


David Lyford said...

Hey Bro Bronson. I read your blog every night.But this is my first attempt to comment; but sure it will go through. Your babies are so precious. Thanks for sharing with us as they and you two grow together, becoming a "family full of love" for one another.
Thanks for the blog about taking your mom out for the evening. I clicked on the website for both artists and listened for a while. That must have been a very special evening, one you both will remember for a long time. Been thinking about you and Kendra today being "alone" for the first time since the big arrival of the twins. So good to hear you all are doing GOOD. I will pray for Kendra tomorrow being the first day SHE will really be alone, having you gone to work.
Keep the blog coming. God Bless the four of you. The twins are blessed to have you two for parents.Your Bro, David Lyford

Opa and Oma Burgess said...

How incredibly precious of course! I kept looking at them at work today and making the picture bigger and then just staring at them. I just cannot believe how big they are getting! Thank goodness for the blog and Skype or I would not be able to stand not seeing them in person. I prayed for both of you today and I know Jesus came through! My heart is so full when I think of the 4 of you and how wonderful it is to be a family. Keep up the great writing and pictures Bronson! Your talent runs very deep!
Love and blessings,