Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oma, Opa, and GG... We miss you already!

Today was fun and sad for all of us. We said, "goodbye" to Kendra's parents and Grandmother as they drove back to California this morning. It was hard to pry little Layla from Oma's hands, but we know they'll be back soon. All of us miss them already. Here is a good picture of Opa holding Easton, who has socks on his hands to keep him from scratching his face. It really looks like he's giving himself a right-hook though, doesn't it?

Another good picture is this one that shows GG loving and soothing Layla. GG needs to visit more often! When she was around I kept whispering to Easton and Layla, "cute and cuddly, guys. Cute.... and... cuddly" so GG couldn't resist the urge to visit again soon.

Layla had her first laugh today! unfortunately, it wasn't while looking at the funny faces we make or hearing the silly songs Nana sings... She was dreaming. We were all driving to the mall today and while on the road Layla broke out in laughter. Nana looked over and she was sound asleep. We were happy to hear her giggles none the less.

Kendra and Nana went to get a pedicure and left me with the twins... alone... Easton drooled on himself as he slept the entire time they were gone. Layla, however, didn't do so well. I changed her, swaddled her, walked around with her, shussssshed her, and every other Ace-in-the-hole I could think of. Apparently she was hungry, but I didn't figure that out at the time. I've decided there is no stronger force in the universe than a babies mouth resisting a pacifier. I tried so hard to get it in her mouth thinking it would calm her, but it was like playing pool with a rope. To add insult to injury, when she finally loosened up and i was able to get the rubber thing in her mouth, it didn't do a thing to calm her down. Eventually Kendra and Nana returned home and 2 seconds after Layla started feeding, the storm was over. just like that. it was amazing... No, it was miraculous.

Anyway, lesson learned and I'm prepare for the next solo-flight to have a new weapon in my arsenal: mother's milk in a bottle!

Good night, see you tomorrow for an Easter update and dressed up pictures of us all.

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