Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pure bliss!

I promised Bronson that Kendra and I would try and blog while he is in Chicago and today is the first chance I have gotten to do so. The twins are growing up so fast! It is wonderful to see them become individual's with their own personality, disposition, etc. Easton is a snuggle bunny and loves to cuddle with me and that of course makes me so happy. Layla is sweet natured but lately has had some "intestinal" problems that are making her cranky. She definitely knows her Mom with Kendra being the best at soothing her. It breaks my heart to see either of them in any kind of pain. Bronson is right when he said in an earlier blog that all of us are so happy when either of them expresses any kind of bodily function or noise for that matter!
I will have to return home and back to work on the 8th. My heart cannot fathom that I will not be able to see or hold the twins again until June. I cannot even begin to imagine how much they will grow and change from now until then.
I took a picture of Bronson sleeping with Easton in his arms at his Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave's house. It is so cute but I do not know how to post it on the blog so you will have to wait until Bronson comes home tomorrow to see it.
I want to thank everyone for praying for the Webb clan! Bronson and Kendra are already awesome parents and Steve and I are so proud of them. Keep up your prayers as those of us who are parents know the road they will travel. I have always told my kids to keep the things they saw me do the right way and discard those things that were not. Take the best of both families and keep Jesus in the center of everything, always!
Goodnight :)


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