Monday, March 24, 2008

The most exciting part of our day was...

It was Easter Sunday yesterday and my apologies for not posting. I received a reprimand for slacking on the job here at the 4webbs blog…

Happy late Easter to everyone! The most exciting part of our day was… (drum roll)… Bath time for the twins! Yeah, I know. Not much of a thrill, huh. However, Layla looks like such a sweet little princess that I had to capture it on video:

At the same general time as "bath time", Nana was holding Easton and he gave his best Elvis impersonation. Too bad it was only a still shot instead of video or you would have heard Easton say, "thank you very much" in the typical Elvis voice.
The nights have been a little rough around here at casa de Webb and 2 hours of sleep is just not enough to get us out the door for church. We zombied around the house all day in search of coffee like a parched man in the middle of the desert looking for water. I saw a mirage of a Starbucks on the horizon of my living room and it was shimmering with white chocolate latte. Nana was pure salvation for our sanity and I’m even more indebted to her for sharing the load of getting through these first few months (as if raising me wasn’t enough to make me an indentured servant until I’m 50).

We went to the pediatrician today because Layla’s bowels aren’t working and her lack of sleep is driving us ragged. The Dr. said Layla and Easton are both VERY healthy and doing great (Easton = 9 lbs. and Layla = 8 lbs.). That was all good news, but I stuttered around and said, “uh, well, what does that mean for us and our lack of sleep because they never sleep?” She told us (in a nice way) to suck it up and stop whining. So that was $40 NOT well spent...  The good advice we took away was to give them a little Karo Syrup and get things moving along internally.

This afternoon my friend David, from our men’s accountability group, and his wife Judy came by to say hello and chat for a bit. We appreciated them stopping by and sharing some time with us. I’ve wanted Kendra to meet them for a while and hope we can all get together soon with all of the families.

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