Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nana's noticeably short blog

It sure has been nice weather here in Phoenix and to think that it was 42 degrees in Missouri for Easter day while it was 70's and 80's here. We missed going to church on Easter because the babies had an especially restless night and Bronson and Kendra got very little sleep. I think it has been many years since I stayed out of church on Easter. It is starting to get close to my going back home and I'm already feeling somewhat sad at the thought of not being able to hug, kiss, rock, change diapers and watching the precious faces the babies make and hearing the grunts and cooing. The time has flown by and the days with Bronson and Kendra have been so special-my first time at being able to spend any length of time with them. They are so conscientious about the whole parenting adventure. Bronson asks so many questions and goes to the internet often to learn the hows and whys of nurturing the twins. Their litttle personalities are already so evident-Easton being the laid back one and Layla being the squirmy, vocal one.I do miss the other grandkids in Springfield lots and look forward to seeing them in a few days. I know God will watch over the Webb family but I will always pray for them daily.

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