Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Yes, that's right! With both grandmothers here the title is so true. Not only because we both can enjoy getting to know each other better but we are also enjoying loving on the double blessing that God has given us in Easton and Layla.
Nana Webb is awesome and is spoiling us with her great breakfasts and great sense of humor. She is ironing Bronson's shirts as we speak and I know that he is extremely thrilled. Hey, we need to be able to spoil our kids every now and then. :) I must admit that other than ironing my material for the quilts I love to make I have not ironed in a while myself!
Most of my friends just laughed at me when I told them that we were coming down to see the twins again. We just can't help it. They are growing up so fast and are so adorable. The next time we get to see them will be in June so we are gettting our "fix" now!
It is great to have GG, which is short for great grandmother, here to see the twins. She agree's with us that they are the cutest and she has been enjoying them just as much as we have.
GG has also been able to visit our family friend, Eina, who lives close to Kendra and Bronson. She is like a second Mom to me and I love the great memories I hold in my heart.
It is amazing how much time we can all spend just watching the twins, whether they are awake or asleep. The sweet faces and precious sounds they make touch our hearts and send us back a few years to when our children were small.
Bronson still cracks me up and I love being around him. (Well, maybe not in the wee hours when he is pulled out of a deep sleep to help Kendra with the twins, but hey who could blame him!)
Thanks Bronson for letting us invade your house again. We love all 4 of you very much!
Bronson wants his Mom to blog to so I am going to pass the baton on to her!
Oma Burgess

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