Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nana's new doo

Easton officially graduated from wearing newborn diapers up to size "1" diapers and that's progress. Kendra went to run errands and Easton soaked through his outfit and blanket... twice... So Nana had enough of that and her solution to move him up in diaper size was exactly what he needed. Thank God for Nana being here, otherwise Easton would be soaking through everything for the next two weeks until we met with the pediatrician to have her tell us to put him into a bigger diaper. I was running around looking for the camera to capture the historic moment, but didn't find it in time. not that it was picture worthy, but we like to celebrate the little things because right now that's all we have!

Anyway, here is Nana, our hero of the day, sporting her new hair cut. Kendra set up an appointment with her normal hair stylist and Nana appears to really like the cut. Also, it was good for her to get out of the house for a while to keep her sanity. Easton has socks on his hands because he has a rash on his face and tends to make it worse by rubbing it without the socks there. We hope to take the socks off before he turns 5 years old. just kidding...

Some people will see this next picture and think, "oh my goodness, taking care of twins must be SO difficult". Well guess what: These are our first two babies and we don't know any different, so ignorance is bliss for us! :) Yes, it is hard. probably harder than a single baby, but we only get to do this once so we are enjoying every moment of it. She looks happy, right? yes, she and I are extremely tired, but still... it is possible to be happy and tired at the same time. This is my favorite picture in the last few weeks and I'll print this off for my office:

Aunti Mary came over this evening and we all enjoyed BBQ grilled salmon on the back patio. Nana and Aunti had some time to chat and hang out while Kendra and I went for a run after dinner. she roller bladed and I was pounding the pavement with my running shoes and shorts on. We need to take advantage of the situation where they were able to take care of the twins while we went out for our stroll alone. It was fun to get the blood pumping and spend time talking as we rolled and ran down the street.

I was told this by a co-worker friend and it really is TRUE: When you have kids, the days crawl by and years fly by. I can see exactly that when i look back on today being so long and tiring and then thinking Layla and Easton will be 7 weeks old tomorrow!

Good night all

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