Monday, March 10, 2008

Best $50 we’ve spent in weeks

Today we had a visit from a lactation consultant who turned out to be very valuable for Kendra and worth every penny of the $50 fee. She is a mother of 7, has 9 grandchildren, registered nurse, blah, blah, blah. The consultant was able to help Kendra understand the exact best position to nurse, which is no small task with twins. I joined in with Kendra for the Q and A session where we fired question after question at her about sleep habits, best practices, timing of feeding, and many other topics. It was calming for Kendra to hear that some of her worries were about “normal” things that many babies experience.

One of the twins is needier than the other, one quieter, one hungrier, one bigger, etc. Kendra has a side-by-side comparison to say, “one of them is not doing the same thing as the other!?” The consultant assured us that with twins, each sibling is always different on some scale than the other.

Anyway, we miss you Oma! However, we are extremely grateful to have Nana here and she appears to be enjoying every moment of cuddling with Easton and Layla. She quickly jumped into our three-person rotation of keeping the well-oiled machine running smooth. It's been extra comforting to have her around during this time in my life and I'm already prodding her to stay as long as she can stretch this trip...

The consultant brought her baby scale here. (in my best Michael Buffer voice with ample strobe lights) “In this corner weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 oz., he’s half Burgess and half Webb, the pirate of desert, Hot Rod – Easton Troy!” (loud cheering) We were glad to see he’s still gaining weight and if he continues at his current rate, he’ll be 410 lbs by the time he graduates high school. Yes, I DID actually calculate that out… I’m such a nerd.
Easton is big enough to sit comfortably in the baby Bjorn as shown in the picture below (kind of like stuffing a turkey) and here’s a good picture of how Kendra is able to hold both babies, talk on the phone, AND look at herself in the bathroom mirror simultaneously.
I’m heading back to work tomorrow and look forward to getting things moving along at a normal pace again. I have about 95 emails to respond to, meetings all day, and several open issues to work through. I’ll have my hands full at work for the next… 3 years or so…
Tomorrow will also bring a visit to the pediatrician where the twins will get their first round of shots (ouch). I’m sure Kendra and Nana will sooth them well, but I just hate to see them in pain!

Good night and I’ll report out how much our little “peanut” weighs based on the results of the pediatrician.

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