Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nana and sushi?

Good evening,

It's time for bed and Kendra is calling me in to help get Easton and Layla situated. Last night was very restful. I had two stretches of three hours in a row uninterrupted. It's all in perspective, people...

Kendra gave my mom and I a kitchen pass so we took advantage of the offer and went to dinner together while Kendra single-handedly managed the house. I picture her as an octopus with two tentacles designated to hold the babies and the others doing various chores like cooking, wiping down the counters, and changing the remote control for the TV. Anyway, Nana was brave enough to go to a sushi restaurant with me and it turned out to be an adventure. I ended up with a plate of raw tuna (my dad hates all tuna, which is ironic) and she tried edamame, pork gyoza, and even a crab sushi roll. Even better, she used chopsticks for the first time and did a good enough job using them that she didn’t go away hungry.
All of us went for a walk this evening to see the colorful Arizona sunset and enjoy the perfect T-shirt weather. Here’s a picture from Kendra’s point of view as we walked around:
This could be intimidating for some to see these two staring back at you with total dependency and feel the sense of responsibility, but it’s just normal for us because we don’t know any different!

Easton lay curled up in my arms as we watched National Treasure and as I was making stupid noises and faces at him, I announced that he was smiling at me! Kendra quickly corrected me and identified his “look of joy” as just gas. Turned out she was right, but “I have a dream! That one day he’ll look up and smile at me just because I’m goofy and funny…”

Good night all.

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