Saturday, March 15, 2008

Peanut on a Nana

Hello, hello,
I caught a good picture of Layla snoozing on my mom so I labeled this picture, "Peanut on a Nana". She calls Layla an "angel"... mostly as she sleeps and not so much when she's hungry and her cries sound like a very loud kazoo. :)
I took my mom out for errands alone while Kendra stayed at home to feed our two monkeys. While we were out I stopped by the local Quizno's and asked the guy behind the counter for stale bread to be used as duck food at the local park. He thought for a minute and then loaded up a shopping bag full of day-old bread for me. He gave it to me for free, which is what I was hoping for. Nana and I went to the local park with a big pond and fed the ducks for a long while. It was perfect weather and lots of people wondering around. The ducks (and pigeons) appreciated our efforts and we saw many varieties of mallards and cross-bred ones that were obviously mistakes of nature. It's one of my favorite past times and we enjoyed talking and spending the afternoon by ourselves.
After washing the car, I had Kendra take a few pictures of the babies and I for fun. She said that she didn't feel "picture worthy", whatever that is, so it's just me and Easton. Here's the best picture where he's looking right at me and being his calm, cool self.
We now refer to the babies as "monkeys" because they are both very interested in the stuffed animal monkey that hangs from the play mat. Here's Layla hanging on and figuring out how to grab things.
Kendra's parents and grandmother should be here within the next hour or so and I'm sure we'll be busy with dinner and spending time together tonight. This is why I decided to post early. Also because I'm extremely tired and don't know if I can stay awake long enough to post anything coherent on here anyway!

Good night all. see you tomorrow.

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