Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A blogging I will go - Nana

A blogging I will go, a blogging I will go, hi, ho the dairy O a blogging I will go! This is NaNa Webb blogging for a short space.

It is amazing to be able to be a part of the first months of my Webb grandkids lives! When I close my eyes to sleep at night I see those cut faces and hear the grunts and coos of their voices. The best time to get a big smile from them is right after they have "tanked up" at Kendra's breast. It has been a challenge to work out a "routine" or schedule when you have so many hands willing to pick up and sooth the babes at the slightest whine--I can't help but be one of the pair of hands reaching out to hold, give "sugars" and even change the diapers.

Being here has allowed me to do the "Martha" thing even though I'm trying to read my new book entitled, "Having a Mary Spirit in a Martha World", by Joanna Weaver. The busyness has also made it easier not to miss my family in Springfield too much. Hey, Kids and grandkids, I really do miss seeing you and those hugs and kisses!

I have not had the opportunity to spend this much time with Bronson and Kendra since they got married and I'm enjoying every minute of it. They have made me feel so proud and happy with how they are progressing in their marriage and now in their parenting. I know they have miles to go in the parenting growth part but most of us have to learn-trial and error, listening to others, reading books and seeking God's wisdom and guidance. I was able to sit with them at their church on Sunday and I tear up to think of their commitment to follow Jesus and be in the House of the Lord often. Well, that's about it. Blessings to you all.


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