Saturday, April 5, 2008

Two smiles are double the fun


Two days have gone by without a post and I'm starting to hear rumors of people checking their calendars because my faithful daily post didn't happen. Darkness abounds, dogs and cats living together! Mass HYSTERIA!

I have no reason for not posting other than last night was just good family time at the Webb house. The babies went to bed early {cheering, applauding}. Thank you... thank you very much, Baby Wise. That blessed event was followed by alone time for Kendra and I. Alone time consisted of... (don't worry... this a PG show, folks) going to bed at the same time (very rare), whispering quietly about the day as we lay face to face and then quickly dozing off to sleep after about 4 minutes of staring at each other with one eye buried in the pillow and the other struggling to stay open as we lay motionless in the glow of the closet light.

All of this BEFORE 9:30 PM. Ahhhhh, Friday nights... they ain't what they used to be! It's not that we don't WANT to stay up late and paint the town red. It's not that we CAN'T stay up and paint the town red. The reason we don't is because we used to have to go OUT to spend quality time together because we needed to shut all of our other hobbies and friends and events out. Now we stay IN because we want to spend quality time together knowing that our "Dual Alarm Clocks" known as Layla and Easton will be crowing like roosters at Oh-Dark-Thirty the next morning. And by the way... there is NO snooze button. :)

It's more like a fire department. We're lying there dreaming of pancakes and sausage as the sun breaks through the master bath window just enough to give the room some warmth and then... BAM! The dual alarm clocks go off and we jolt awake wondering how far from the epicenter of the earthquake we are. Both of our feet hit the carpet (Thanks, Kendra, for not pushing me out of bed) and we shuffle around half naked like "Night of the Living Dead" zombies grasping for diapers and nursing pillows to bring the twins down to down to a rolling boil. Remember Jack-Jack from "The Incredibles" as he is being hurled upwards towards the villain's spaceship? OK, it's not THAT bad, maybe I'm exaggerating... A LOT, but you get the idea, right?

Here's the good part. After the milk and honey flows (minus the honey), the twins transform back into their calm, happy, smiley, cuddly selves again and we sit and stare at the incomparable, extreme calm and peace that can only be seen in the eyes of a baby... or two. Easton giggled for the first time on Sunday and Kendra was right there next to him in the car to enjoy it. I captured one such moment just after cocooning Easton in a fluffy, white towel just after bath time this morning. Here he is... Mr. Cool himself.

I can't believe WE actually made him. He's half me and half Kendra. That makes us both 50% cool just for creating him.

Anyway, here's a top-notch picture that I hope to win an award with some day (just kidding). I present to you: The two happiest babies in the world finally showing some teeth at the same time ------- um. ok. maybe not teeth ----- But there WOULD be teeth showing if they had any because their smiles are so big.

From yesterday's list of accomplishments, I took a short video clip to show proof that Easton is progressing with the hand-eye coordination concepts. Before showing the video, I admit that I am still working on the hand-eye thing myself, which is obvious when you see my gashed and bleeding pinky finger from mountain biking...

Darn rocks... They're everywhere here in the desert. Here's Easton showing that not only has he mastered the air guitar, but the tambourine as well. Ignore the first few moments where he bashes himself in the side of the head with his own hand. :)

OK, I'm not sure how many of you are still reading this record-setting long blog with my outlandish sarcasm and exaggerations, let me say a big, "THANK YOU" for the lullaby ideas and help! We've been trying them on for size lately and there are some really great ones! Oma and Opa Burgess sung theirs live over skype and Layla fell asleep in my arms by the time their duet was done. Nice work you two!

As for Baby Wise. Please... go buy it. READ it. live it. love it. Our twins slept 4 hours straight, then fed, then slept 4 hours straight! It was the most restful night Kendra has enjoyed in over 10 weeks. We've been having some very good days lately with each other and the twins, but getting that much sleep at one chunk was priceless. The concepts are not rocket science, but following their concepts produced A-mazing results.

Enough for tonight. Hope you enjoyed the show. see you tomorrow!!!

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Opa and Oma Burgess said...

Oh my goodness!!! Could there be any grandchildren cuter than mine?
No way!! Bronson you are amazing with the camera and Steve and I are so thankful! We look at the blog ALL the time and just smile or cry depending on the pictures. :) You and Kendra are doing a great job and your sense of humor is wonderful! Being a parent is so awesome and full of much happiness! Thanks again for keeping us "in the loop".
Oma and Opa

P.S. Thanks for the graphic reminder of how dangerous your mountain bike riding can be.
It just means more praying to do for you!