Tuesday, April 8, 2008

baby shots yesterday. looked like it hurt!

Good morning,

Yesterday was the 8 week checkup and that included Layla and Easton getting shots! Hearing them cry was so hard, I hated it. But the good news is that they are growing. Easton is now 10lbs 12oz and Layla is 9lbs 1oz. The nurse said that all is well.
The picture below is from Sunday outside of the church. This was the third time that we have brought them to our church, Christ Life Church. We are receiving a lot of attention from other members from the church. Our handsome Easton and Lovely Layla are making new friends every Sunday. I mean how can they not, look at them they are goregous and adorable.

As for the Mommy and Daddy we are getting along great and taking one day at a time. My first week with the twins has past and it was great! Even though Easton and Layla were not a a set schedule yet, everything ran smoothly, thank the Lord :)! And now because of Baby Wise they babies have adapted well and are sleeping wonderfully.

Well I need to kiss my hot hubby goodbye so he can go to work.....
Love you all,

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