Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sleeping like a baby means something now

Kendra is almost better and the twins are at least still sleeping well even if they don't feel much better yet. What's the deal with the blue sucker thing that Kendra has to put up their little noses and suck out the yucky stuff? It's probably more painful for me to watch than it is for Easton and Layla to deal with it. I know doing that is necessary and Kendra is really good at it... People have told me for years, "it's different when _____ happens to your own kid" (fill in the blank with any gross or discusting bodily fluid or situation). I'm here to tell you it isn't any different at all. I'm too grossed out to wipe the sleepy eye from my cats eyes and I'm too grossed out to see what comes from the various bodily places of Layla and Easton. I don't care who you are, some of the stuff I've seen in the past three months gives me that gaggy feeling just thinking about it. I can't even tell you how happy I am that Kendra is SO good with taking care of these types of situations that come up more and more often.

yeah, yeah... I know that one day Kendra will be gone for an afternoon with the girls and BOOM! I'll be treated with something terribly discusting, but until then why put myself through that and risk losing my lunch? I'll get there soon enough, so stop trying to jinx me with your mean thoughts and wishes already. :) What goes around comes around and boy am I gonna get it some day as a pay back for all the times Kendra has taken care of the twins when I wasn't strong enough. Don't worry, you'll be the first to know because I'll take plenty of photos and post them here (minus the yucky parts).

Until then I get to enjoy the happy, fun part of being a parent that goes along with the diaper changes and being a part of the Webb team. Easton was my responsibility for most of the night since Layla is much more calm when Mommy holds her while she recovers from the cold. I had Kendra come over to take a picture because he is the most peaceful baby I've ever seen. Having him fall asleep in my arms is as interesting as any event or movie you can imagineWhen he sleeps you can tell by the look on his face that he's REALLY in lala land and sleeping like a.... ummmm... like a baby. What a good looking boy, huh?

Here is one other picture from the other day that I didn't get a chance to post or comment about. It was a very interesting moment when Easton became aware of Layla and did his best to reach out and touch Layla out of curiosity. His motor skills aren't all that great yet, so mostly he just flails his arms in the general direction of toys, but you could tell at this moment that he was trying his best to find out what Layla was all about. And Layla was just lying there probably thinking, "Hey, stop poking me in the eye!"

I've got a work escalation to tend to this evening/morning so I better stop blogging and get to working... :)

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