Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday mornings are fun again

Hi folks,

At some point in my childhood, Saturday mornings changed from being relaxing, cartoon-filled fun into being busier than the weekdays. That was probably around the time when I was working 30+ hours a week and taking 20 hours of undergraduate classes. Consequently, that's when I stopped watching the batman cartoons as well... Fast forward to now when we have the twins and our weekend is already planned out according to their "We eat every three hours" schedule. The good thing about this new arrangement is that we NEVER plan anything for Saturday mornings. This way we can sleep in (as much as the dual alarm clocks will let us) and lounge around the house spending some good quality family time together. This morning was exceptionally enjoyable because the sun was shining, which happens every day in AZ, Layla and Easton were happy and healthy as always, and Kendra and I were fairly well rested. Here's a quick video of the twins making noises... from their mouths... and it's not crying.

We ended up watching the original Ghostbusters in High Definition thanks to DirecTV. I forgot how many funny parts are in the movie and it was nice to see Bill Murray from back when he was actually funny.

So the rest of the day was good for everyone in the Webb house. Kendra went for a swim at the fitness center, then I went to Taekwondo practice. The twins slept, fed, and played as they do EVERY day. Then we finished our action-packed day with an extended trip to the grocery store where we bought one of everything and two of somethings in the whole store. How can I pass up 2 for 1 on the fruit rollups? Layla was extra talky this evening and I was able to capture a picture of her showing how she smiles with her whole face!

You know how body builders try to look bigger by wearing shirts that are size Extra Small? Well, apparently Newborn clothing is no longer an option for Easton since he is growing so big. He looked like the incredible hulk in the little green onesy thing. Maybe I'll try to get him into one of those outfits like a stuffed sausage just for a quick picture... Luckily people blessed us with some bigger clothing as well so get ready for some new outfits for Easton? Our little Peanut, Layla is growing as well, but still looks comfortable in the newborn outfits, so we'll let that ride for a few more weeks if possible.

See you soon!

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